Wear It Wednesday | Dressember in July 2019 Wrap Up

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This July, I’ve been exclusively wearing dresses and skirts, yep and skirts! For Dressember proper skirts aren’t really allowed, but I only own 3 and I wanted to wear them more often so I included them in my July style challenge.

I was super relaxed for this style challenge only wear dresses and skirts when I got dressed, and since I sometimes work from home there were a few days I didn’t get dressed. So here is a photographic recap of my first Dressember in July! That mustard skirt, Shelby skirt from Elegantees, is a great alternative to shorts in the summer. It’s seriously so comfortable and the pockets are amazing, plus it stays on my waist and I don’t have to figit with it all day.

My favorite pieces from this style challenge were the mustard skirt (obviously) it was fun to get creative and pair different unique tops. I also loved the striped secondhand Elegantees dress I bought towards the end of the month off poshmark. (it’s cute right?!) I also was able to try out an all black look during the summer months with my black A-line dress, also from Elegantees. I also wore my Mata Traders Farmer’s Market face dress more than any other dress…it would be my favorite if, IF, it had pockets.

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