Cheers to Summer with GlobeIn’s Premium Artisan Subscription Box!

Salude! Hello friends, this month’s Globe In Premium Artisan Box is packed full of hand-crafted pieces to help you celebrate the little things in life! Like the kids going back to school, a friend announcing her engagement, or a spouse’s new job offer!

Celebrate with a friend or spouse with a hand made sangria pitcher crafted by artisan Moulay Ahmed Serghini, who belongs to a family of master ceramists in which the artisanal work of the clay is a duty passed down from generation to generation since 1830. Throughout a career that spanned more than 50 years, Moulay Ahmed Serghini offered within the studio a life-changing learning environment to hundreds of young people, helping them move further away from poverty and become independent master ceramicists.
Serghini Workshops’ ceramics are fully handmade, from shaping the clay to painting through colors preparation. Designs are inspired by the contrasting landscapes and cultures of Morocco (Berber, Saharian, Arab and African cultures). All of the products are food safe.
Serghini Workshops sets wages above minimum levels, provides healthcare and retirement pension plans in addition to other in-kind benefits, and guarantees a safe working environment.

You also get beautifully blown glass drink stir sticks that are truly a work of art made by Gerardo Mendoza Pozos is a young man of only 18 years of age, who has worked hard at perfecting his craft. In just 2 years, he has gone from a helper to an apprentice in the fine art of glass blowing. With the income generated from your Artisan Box purchase, Gerardo has helped his parents build a second floor in their home to allow for more room for his 5 other siblings!

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Picture your 8 year-old self. Was there any new talent you discovered at that age that has stayed with you to this day? Imagine that talent is the very same one that has, in your adult life, enabled you to buy a house and pay for all the school expenses of your kids. 
This is the story of Tomas Angel Murillo, who, at the age of 8, attended a small glassblowing workshop. Several years later, when he left school to assist with family finances, he found his first job as an apprentice in a glass blowing factory. Today, he is a master glassblower with Cristaluc. Today, he considers himself a master of the craft and makes enough at it to have purchased a house for his family and to pay the school expenses for his children. He is also recently celebrated his 25th wedding anniversary! Cheers Tomas! 

Celebrate all that August has to offer with this month’s Globe In Premium Artisan Box! You’ll be glad you did!

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