Wear It Wednesday | Coordinating Outfits for Photo Sessions

I find coordinating outfits for photo sessions to be fairly easy actually. It can seem daunting what if their shade of green isn’t the same as the green in my my husband’s plaid shirt? Honestly, probably no one will notice, in general a little effort makes it easy for everyone to look like they belong there.

Last year when my family was coming to visit I suggested we take photos one evening. It was a popular idea but then the stress hit, how would we coordinate outfits across state lines? I started with my husband’s and my sister’s husbands and the predominate colors were, not surprisingly, blue and green. And they both had plenty of navy options. From their my sister went to visit my parents one weekend and we FaceTimed and raided our parent’s closet picking out navy & green items that would mesh well. Mom’s top turned out more turquoise because she tends to have a brighter closet. I opted for a navy bell sleeve top from my closet and my sister promptly forgot her hang up clothes but I was planning to give her a few handy down tees one was the perfect shade of green to bring it all together.

We weren’t perfectly matched, and all the guys are in patterned whereas none of the girls are, which drives me mildly crazy looking at this picture but I love how the individual couples photos turned out.
Thank goodness we sat in front of the boys, I’m pretty sure their shorts didn’t match as well as their tops did.

Sailers Family 2018
  1. Choose a color palette, for the sake of an example lets use green & navy.
  2. Allow for variety in pattern small, medium, or large. And maybe not all some form of plaid. I would avoid all tops with words, they don’t age well on the mantle.
  3. Have fun! If someone forgets their hangup clothes or someone’s version is brighter than the rest it’s okay. Life isn’t Pinterest perfect!

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