Wear it Wednesday | TheONE08 Vegan Handbags

Full Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family. I am also receiving a free bag from TheOne08

As a blogger and fashion stylist in the ethical sphere, there are a lot of conversations surrounding the use of leather and how ethical it is. While I personally am not vegan, and am okay with the use of leather in my handbags and shoes there are many who are not.

So I’m excited today to share a new brand with you that is making vegan handbags from sustainably sourced materials, recycled products, and is paying their workers, women in the Il Ngwesi! Il Ngwesi is a Masai owned and run conservancy that have lived on the land for hundreds of years. The economic opportunity brought to this people group by the ONE08 will eventually provide a viable means of livelihood to the community, and with it, education, a living wage, a safe and respectful workplace, and empowerment for its people.

Why are vegan options important?
Seems like a silly question, since you’re asking me but it’s because not everyone in the ethical sphere feels comfortable with animal products and that is okay. Finding vegan options for ethically minded consumers is really important because it means their values and needs are being met.
TheONE08 has met these needs by opting out of all animal based products and focused on the reuse of plastic bottles, something that will never go away. And by doing so has reduced waste because they are able to more effectively use more of their textiles without wasteful cutting. They even have a Pineapple leather tote, made from pineapple leaves, which is the ultimate vegan handbag material!

One of my favorite features about TheONE08 bags is the print on their recycled PET lining, a unique narrative of the Leopard Empress. A strong woman who works hard in a variety of ways to provide and care for her family. We are all a Leopard Empress.

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