Wear it Wednesday | Discover your Style Part 1

Welcome to the Discover your Style series! This monthly series will post on the blog and there is a free printable in the Monthly Newsletter for subscribers that will help you actively discover your style!

Keep in mind that your style may change by season or as you age, that’s okay and totally natural. By discovering your style, you’ll be more mindful in your clothing purchases and probably have a smaller wardrobe but a wardrobe you love to wear over and over and that is ultimately the goal! 

First I recommend you keep a Style Diary, either on your computer or a notebook/binder to hold all your style inspiration, outfit recipes, favorite colors.

  1. What do you own? Do a thorough closet inventory, who knows you might find something and get inspired!
  2. Start by documenting your outfits. There are a few ways to do this, in a time where everyone has smart phones, you can take an outfit photo each day you get dressed. You can keep a notebook documenting each outfit and taking notes on what you like or don’t like about each look, you can do this on your phone in a note app.
  3. Create a mood board. Pinterest is a common place to do this or if you’re keeping a pen and paper notebook, cut out images from magazines or print images from the web. When keeping your inspiration on a Pinterest board, I recommend beginning a new style board or deleting the pieces in your current board and starting from scratch. Places to get inspired – your favorite bloggers, your favorite IG influencers, brands, media; tv and movies. Be sure to keep notes on what you like, is it the silhouette, pattern, color, or the overall style of the look?

DON’T pin a bunch of high fashion photos, unless that’s how you actually dress on a daily basis. And if you do, call me I’d love to talk!

DO pin practical fashion, styles, and looks you could ACTUALLY see yourself wearing to work, in the school pick up lane, or grabbing coffee with friends.

The end goal here is to have a large set of visual images that you can sort through and to recognize and organize your style patterns.

As you develop your mood board, hone it. Delete pins you don’t love 100% and be able to verbalize what you love about each pin. If you decide to cut out images from magazines instead of doing a Pinterest board, paste your images to paper and write out what draws you to each image; is it the overall vibe of the look, individual pieces, color palette, silhouette, materials, or styling?

There is a big difference in loving a style on Pinterest or on your favorite celebrity and wearing it and loving it on yourself. 

Not everything on your mood board/inspiration will result in items/styles you’ll love to wear. Sometimes these become styles, colors, or pieces we appreciate but don’t necessarily want to wear. But you aren’t going to know that until you try it yourself.

Discovering your style isn’t as easy as determining the aesthetic and pieces you like to wear but also how you like to wear them. Knowing silhouettes that work on your body, what cuts of tops you prefer with this or that cut skirt, or what necklines you feel confident wearing. For example, I know I prefer tops a little tighter for the express purpose of tucking them into flowy skirts, and looser tops to pair with skinny jeans.

Now put those things you like to the test. Try those cuts, colors, silhouettes, layers, and materials. You may find you prefer wool sweaters to cotton, or that a V-neck is more flattering because it lengthens your torso.

Go refine your list.
Take your time.
Keep an open mind.
But don’t buy just yet.

Want more help to discover the clothes you love and why? Get a copy of my in-depth workbook stylishly YOU, this 80+ page workbook guides you through a closet inventory, a 30 day style diary and thoughtful questions to help you discover your style outside of trends and what the big box stores are telling you to buy.

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