Wear it Wednesday | White after Labor Day

I took a poll on Instagram not to long ago about wearing white after labor day. Most people didn’t have a huge problem with it, some did. I think it’s all about geography. I don’t actually own white pants, but I do own a white dress that if i’m being honest I wear about 2-3 times a year because 1) it’s white 2) it’s cotton/linen and 3) I’m super worried about spilling coffee on it.

Well, I wanted to find a way to wear my little white dress (LWD) into the fall season this year without feeling like I was going against every style rule I had embedded in myself. So, here are 3 looks, I’ve come up with and I am determined to wear at least once this month!

Dress by Skies are Blue from Stitch Fix, Earrings from Noonday Collection, Shoes from The Root Collective, Coffee Cup from HydroFlask

White Dress + Dramatic Accessories

My first look was super easy to pull off and I wore it on the Sunday before Labor Day, September 1 so it still counts. I just bought these Maasai earrings from Noonday Collection, AMAZING right? And well, I love them despite the fact that they are totally outside what I’d normally buy or wear, honestly I anticipated them being oodles smaller but I still love them. I also wore my Scarlet The Root Collective Flats, these really pulled the whole outfit together if you ask me, had I worn neutral flats this look wouldn’t have the same WOW vibe it has.

Dress by Skies are Blue from Stitch Fix, Chambray Button down from Target, Shoes from TOMS

White Dress + Ankle Boots + Chambray Layer

I originally planned to wear a denim jacket instead of my chambray button down with this look, but since September has still been a wee bit warmer, chambray with the sleeves rolled were totally the right decision. And my neutral ankle boots gave this soft toned look an unexpected western feel. In fact, part of me wants to wear this look but swap my ankle boots for my legit cowboy boots. 

Dress by Skies are Blue from Stitch Fix, Cardigan by Heartloom from Stitch Fix, Shoes by Lotta from Stockholm

White Dress + Slouchy Cardigan + Clogs

When my clogs arrived this spring, all I could think about was the day I’d get to wear them on a cool crisp fall day. Paired with my dress & a cozy cardigan, it feels a bit outside my comfort zone, I picked a dark navy cardigan so my deep purple clogs wouldn’t look so strange with the white dress, instead I feel like I need a soft gray or a pastel pink cardigan instead. Otherwise this look does work, not sure when or where I’ll have the guts to wear it out in public.

Overall, I definitely found new ways to wear this white dress into the cooler season, that last look will take some adjusting and tweaks too but overall this white shift dress will easily be worn in fall without too many sideways glances. 

Do you wear white after Labor Day? If so, what’s your favorite way to break this ‘fashion rule’?

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