Finished Reading : Beginner’s Pluck by Liz Forkin Bohannan

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Pluck (n): Spirited and determined courage

When I read the definition for the word pluck, I have to admit. Honestly, I don’t feel plucky. My husband dares to disagree telling me I am the most plucky person he knows. What does it mean to actually be plucky?

I started wading into the waters of ethical fashion and blogging in 2014, after landing a job I didn’t feel qualified for. Through my determination to know as much as possible and be the best I thought I could possibly be I learned that I needed to change how I thought about the things I was wearing, selling, and buying. 

As a blogger, I’ve tried to stand out from the crowd. In a world full of bloggers and influencers the goal is to literally not be average. But I am.
I’m an average girl, with average talents, who had average grades. My parents would tell you I’m special and I am to them, not to the big wide world I want to impact.

Beginner’s Pluck is more of an experience than a book, less about these 14 principles of Pluck and more about being a Traveler on a journey to build a life of passion and purpose, choosing curiosity over criticism, getting your steps in (aka doing the work), and walking each other home. Liz’s personal journey to creating Sseko Designs is full of pluck that I could only wish to have. Her ability to see through the hardest times in her life knowing that when she succeeds girls go to college, is a pluckiness I can only dream of having. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m scared to death of failure. Being a failure to my parents, or needing to lean on others for support. Needless to say, I cried (multiple times) through this book, I felt Liz sitting across from me at a coffee shop saying, “Will you?”

Will you dream small?
Will you surprise yourself?
Will you WOW before you But How?
Will you accept the generosity of others?
Will you…

Liz’s steps to staying plucky are encouraging, honest, and full of truth. She doesn’t just share these plucky traits with us, instead she shares how she realized these plucky traits whilst building her passion and purpose, sometimes out of the back of her very own car.

Friends, I am so encouraged by Liz. I often look to the leaders of Ethical fashion brands and see them in an ethereal light. Wow, they work to do good, can support their families, are changing the world and she looks amazing. What does she have that I don’t? Well, according to Liz herself, we all have the pluck we need to begin with a small interest and build our own lives of passion and purpose but it will not be all sunshine and rainbows. Changing the world involves grit and if you want to change the world, expect to be challenged and changed yourself.

I encourage you to grab a copy of Beginner’s Pluck, you’ll be challenged and changed. Get a copy from Sseko Designs, HERE and don’t forget to get your Pre-Order bonuses from Liz, at (When you order before October 1!)

5 thoughts on “Finished Reading : Beginner’s Pluck by Liz Forkin Bohannan

  1. Thank you for sharing your feedback. I also cried while reading the book. I believe this book is so real and why many are drawn to it.

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