Coconut Matter | Sustainable Deodorant

Ethical Influenster Program, I received this product for free.

If you’re like me and I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect, sustainable, eco-friendly, vegan, BPA free, baking soda free deodorant. I’ve tried my fair share and been disappointed a good portion; I’ve experienced rashes, oil-stains on my clothes, literal melting of these coconut oil based deodorants, lack of scent, and so on.

My biggest disappointment with coconut based deodorants has been stains on my clothes. Which is a huge problem when I choose to only wash on an as needed basis. I also tried a few other aluminum-free deodorants that just plain didn’t do anything. 

In an effort to find and use more plastic free and eco-friendly bathroom products, I was excited to try Coconut Matter Mood deodorants. These deodorants are free of aluminium, triclosan, baking soda, parabens, phthalates, alcohol, fragrance, and single use plastic. Each scent is derived by essential oils and I found they were never overpowering.

I received and tried 4 of the Coconut Matter scents; Zen, Hero, Free, and Spring. I sampled each scent for a week, and I was pleasantly surprised by how well each of them worked. They are easy to apply, travel sized friendly, and practical for everyday use. 

I’ve been hesitant to try new deodorants lately because of the damage to some of my clothes. Thankfully, I haven’t experienced any rashes under my arms, no stains on my clothes, and it’s plastic free and biodegradable. In a world overrun with plastics, choosing one less plastic product is one step towards better.

If we haven’t met let me tell you a few things about me really quick, I value well made and will pay for products that benefit my life and help to care for the earth. I am a believer that Coconut Matter deodorant is good for my body, my lifestyle, and is earth friendly.

What holds you back from choosing natural beauty products, especially deodorants?

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