Holiday Shopping for your Fair Trade & Sustainably Minded Friends and Family

As one of these ‘difficult’ people to buy for I know it can be awkward this time of the year when it’s popular to shop and buy for family & friends. So I wanted to give you a few tips on holiday shopping for your fair trade & sustainably minded folks in your life.

First, just ask them what they want or need. You may get a few ideas, of items or brands they are interested in. Heck, they may even send you a list! Sometimes fair & ethically made items are more expensive (makes sense when you actually pay makers) so they may say they want one item and be asking folks to go all in on it.

Next, be considerate of their lifestyle. Just because you want to buy them something doesn’t mean they will want it, need it, or use it. I feel like this is true of all people not just your fair trade and sustainably minded friends. Sorry to lay down some heavy truth.

Consider giving them a gift card to their favorite shop or for their favorite brand. Growing up gift cards were seen as ‘impersonal’ but really if you want to buy Joe something he’ll really love and enjoy from his favorite store perhaps a gift card is the best thing? I mean he could buy something that catches his eye or maybe he’s been saving up for a big purchase and your gift card can help him finally get it! Trust me Joe will be so grateful for your gift!

Understand that when someone says I don’t need anything, they genuinely mean it. If you still want to honor them consider making a donation in their name to a charity or non-profit that they find meaningful. Perhaps plan an evening together to spend some time together instead of spending money on one another.

In the end, these friends and family members don’t want to be seen as high maintenance and will probably be grateful for any gift you give.

Personally, I’m open to sharing with others what I want or need for the gift giving season and appreciate when others share their wants and needs with me. I feel I’m better equipped to love on them with a gift they will get a lot out of. Even if it’s something as simple as a coffee tumbler to help them reduce waste at their favorite coffee shop or help them invest in a pair of ethically made shoes that they’ve wanted but haven’t bought due to cost.

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