Meet Shelby

Wow, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve introduced myself over here! It’s probably been a few years if I’m being honest and with so many new followers I thought now would be a good time. If I fail to mention something you’d love to know, comment at the end of the post and I’ll respond to you!

So, I’m Shelby and that’s my husband. I haven’t always been a fashion stylist but I have always loved art and the idea of art being functional as well as expressing ourselves which is probably why I loved creating photographs for so long. My husband and I met the summer before I went to college and we got married before my senior year of college, and yes I did finish with my Bachelor’s degree. And because of my love of art, function, and expressing myself I studied Interior Design and have enjoyed integrating aspects of Interior Design to my personal style and my love of fashion.

Mr + I near Divide, CO 2013

Before becoming a fashion stylist & Sseko Fellow, I owned a pet photography business, was a county fair coordinator, and an Interior Design Technician. I have grown in amazing ways through each of these experiences, presently I also work part time at church as Administrator which gives my logical and problem solving self a good outlet. 

Run in the Redwoods, 2014

I live with my family in Colorado Springs but we’ve also lived in Texas and California. We loved Northern California, if you’ve never visited I highly recommend it. The Redwood National and State Parks are a great place to start. We weren’t there very long but are glad to be residing in Colorado again, we may have come from Texas but Colorado is home. Before Colorado and California, we were both raised in Texas. My husband and I both went to college in East Texas and my husband went on to get his Masters in Waco, Texas. Full disclosure, we lived in Waco WAY before it was cool. There was no Magnolia Silos, just Baylor and tossing tortillas off the bridge in Cameron Park. 

I spent 20+ years in Texas my default favorite foods are all mexican and REAL barbecue. (cooking on a grill alone is not in fact barbecue) If you really want to make my day let’s grab bbq for lunch and mexican for dinner. I take my coffee with honey and half & half, but I also love lemonade and hot cider. I have always loved reading but as I’ve gotten older, I tend to read more non-fiction. When I have a choice I always buy from small biz, handmade, local and my friends. Yellow has basically always been my favorite color but I also love blush pink and evergreen.

Just Married, 2007

My husband and I love to travel and together we’ve visited: Ecuador, Greece, Israel, The UK, Ireland, and been to Paris, France. Domestically, we’ve visited Seattle, Portland, Washington DC, Kansas, Nebraska, South & North Dakota, Montana, and North Carolina. We really want to visit Japan and Peru and I’d love to take him to Alaska (I went with my family before we were married) and he says he wants to take me to New Zealand (he and his family traveled there the first Christmas we were dating). Thinking back to 2007 on our wedding day, oh we were such babies!

We don’t have any kids, so we pour ourselves into our fur kids, 2 cats (Shade and Huey) and our dog (Asher). We adopted all 3 of them within a 6 month period after our house was robbed, one of our previous cats died, and we had a death in the family. Talk about a rough period.

I’ve begun volunteering with our local Family Promise aka Interfaith Hospitality Network that provides a foundation and housing for families experiencing homelessness and working to overcome it. It’s been extremely fulfilling for me especially as a renter who understands the high cost of living here in Colorado. Other places I’ve volunteered over the years, include various animal shelters as we’ve moved from here to there.
I also participate in raising awareness of modern day human trafficking year-round, this all started when I signed up for a month long dress style challenge in 2014 after we arrived in California and I knew no one. NO ONE. So I made a fun game out of wearing dresses everyday in December, I didn’t raise any money that year but it taught me a lot about how human trafficking occurs, who is frequently victimized and how I can help even if it’s just sharing that “hey did you know there are more slaves in the world today than EVER before?” with my Uber driver. Every conversation counts.

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