Wear It Wednesday | November Outfit Round Up

November really signaled the end of fall, with significant snow and me slightly freaking out that Dressember this year will involved more snow than I could ever imagine. (I always took photos out in the snow when I had the chance in 2018.)

This month, I started as a Sseko Fellow and participated in not 1 but 2 Fair Trade Markets! Mostly, I’m there to talk about Sseko & how impact buying works for folks new to the concept.

Obviously I didn’t take photos of each outfit throughout the month but once I recieved my Sseko Leopard Coat in the mail, it made multiple apperances in my wardrobe. Since I typically shy away from pattern this neutral layer is perfect over basically my entire closet and I’m not sad to wear it all the time. Even under my parka to the 2nd Fair Trade Market I attended. My black long sleeve tee and dark wash jeans also made an embrassing amount of my outfits this month, proving that good solid staples are infact the anchors of your wardrobe.

November also symbolizes the beginning of boot season, I wore flats a few times on warmer days but I’ve given up and am basically wearing tights or socks 24/7 now. Looking back I wore a suprising number of dresses before you know the month were I only were dresses. My blue Jennifer dress from 2018 dressember is a popular choice for it’s longer length and 3/4 length sleeves.
Also a good sweater is worth double it’s weight in gold. I’ve been collecting sweaters at clothing swaps and second hand shops over the last few years because none of my California sweaters were warm enough for even fall here in Colorado.

Remember friends, I’m saying Adios to jeans for Dressember. Although I’m not past layering them under dresses if I need that flexibility in my wardrobe.

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