Finished Reading | When Less becomes More by Emily Ley

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I’m an Emily Ley fan, even if I constantly find myself playing the comparison game. She is such an inspirational business woman, entreprenuer, mom, and creative. I always feel like I can learn from her.

I appreciate Emily’s easy to read style, plus her books look gorgeous on my shelf. Although in many ways it feels counter intuative to buy a book on less..perhaps I’m over thinking it. After several moves and unpacking boxes and thinking we NEVER use that, minimizing has been on my mind a lot over the last 7 years. Especially after we moved back to Colorado 2 years ago. We made a point to go through EVERY. SINGLE. BOX. Many of the boxes we moved to California were never unpacked because our apartement was so small and we just put them in storage. (not kidding and I’m seriously embarassed by this.)

In When Less becomes More, Emily explores what less looks like in chapters like Rush, Technology, Noise, Social Media. As well what more Rest, Wellness, and Faith could look like. She also has a chapter on Parenting which is AMAZING. In case you’re new here, I’m a parent to a dog & 2 cats so parenting chapters usually get skipped. I found so much of what she shared to be helpful and encouraging even for our family.

It’s when we stop and lay down all the mess, when we finally unburden ourseslves of all the things that are weighing us down, that we can turn our palms upward and allow God to steward us into becoming the women He made us to be.

-When Less becomes more, page 124

Her chapter on Faith was a welcoming and thoughtful read, void of us vs them theology that permeates every other book, article, and news article in this climate. She writes about how she found Jesus at the kitchen table through time with family and the honest struggle of finding a church community, as well as understanding faith. Asking the hard questions and getting on your knees.

Not the mention the back of the book is full of resources and tips to start simplifying and embracing less right where you are.

Get a copy of When Less becomes More by Emily Ley from Amazon.

With more and more pushed on us during the holiday season, When Less becomes More is a timely reminder that more is not always better.

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