Wear It Wednesday | Discover Your Style Part 4

Personally, I find cleaning out my closet to be a great opportunity. It’s sad sometimes to see pieces go but it’s great to reflect on how my style has changed and how I’ve grown. 

I do a closet clean out twice a year, once before the fall/winter season and before the spring/summer season. Since we’re into late fall now, winter doesn’t begin until the 21st, there is still time to clean out your closet. 

My closet

Trust me, this will take some time as requires you look at and touch everything in your closet. EVERYTHING. Picture me holding your shoulders and saying that as SLOWLY and as DRAMATICALLY as possible. But really I do want you to touch every single piece of clothing you own.

Start by taking everything out of your closet, dresser, or wherever you store your clothes. Items not to include in this purging process are your essentials like underwear and bras but you should go through that lingerie drawer once a year…
Friend, take you time I’ll wait. 

Then get 4 containers, bags, tubs, or make four piles and label accordingly – Keepsake, Donate/Sell, Trial Separation, Off season Storage, and then of course you’ll return some items to your Closet.

Ask these questions about each piece:
Is the item damaged beyond repair? Yes – repurpose before you recycle…
When was the last time you wore this? If it was over a year ago and doesn’t have emotional or significant value then Donate/Sell otherwise keep as a Keepsake. For me these pieces include bridesmaids dresses and halloween costumes my mom made me.
Is it comfortable? Do you enjoy wearing it all day? No – is it sentimental? No – Donate/Sell
Does it fit your personal style? Will it help you create looks based on your personal style? Not Sure – Do you wear this regularly? Back to the Closet
Do you like how this piece looks on you? Yes, move on. No – is it sentimental?
Think of 3 outfits that you can create with this piece that you would be excited to wear? Yes, move on. No – Do you wear this item regularly? Yes – closet, No – Trial Separation
Does it have any faults, broken zippers, loose buttons, or seams that need fixing? Repair
Can you wear it in the upcoming season? Yes – Closet, No – Off season Storage

Congratulations! You’ve done the closet detox! In January, we’ll talk about wardrobe resolutions, create a budget, and list styles your closet is in need of to be complete.

PS: If one big closet clean out seems overwhelming, and trust me I understand that it can, I recommend 2 tubs: one for off season and one for get rid of. Personally I keep a brown paper sack in my closet year round, if I find I’m not wearing something after I’ve pulled it to the front and intentionally tried to wear it but just am not then it goes in the sack. The sack is what I take to our seasonal clothing swaps or are easy to drop off at Goodwill. So far, I haven’t regretted this technique of purging clothes.

Want more help to discover the clothes you love and why? Get a copy of my in-depth workbook stylishly YOU, this 80+ page workbook guides you through a closet inventory, a 30 day style diary and thoughtful questions to help you discover your style outside of trends and what the big box stores are telling you to buy.

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