Wear It Wednesday | How to wear a Maxi Dress Year-Round

I think we’re all loving the maxi dress trend, but raise your hand, does anyone struggle with wearing maxi dresses outside of say summer?
I know I do. So, I put together 4 ways you can rock a maxi dress all year long, my favorite was the winter look which I plan to rock on the coldest of days!


It seems obvious and easy to start in the summer, maxi dresses are a popular style for the summer months when paired with sandals especially when you’re headed to the beach. I love maxi dresses for work in the summer because they are feminine, lightweight, and keep my legs covered when the AC is on high.

Shoes vintage Sseko Designs
Bag from Vietnam


I grew up in Texas, y’all and while it may be fall in most parts of the country it’s probably still 90 degrees in Texas. For early fall, I like to style my maxi dress with flats, it’s the perfect transition from summer to fall without any large noticeable change to your wardrobe and still easy to wear when it’s 90 degrees. As it begins to cool off, I love to add a denim jacket to the mix. Mine has a trendy 90’s boxy cut and hides the maxi dress shape a bit more but it is still an easy lightweight layer in case the days are warm. If a jacket isn’t your thing go for a denim vest instead!

Denim jacket is from my dad 😉
Shoes from The Root Collective


I’m sure the last thing you want to wear in winter is a long dress. But there is SO much opportunity here! Maxi dresses in general are made of cotton or a cotton blend, the trick to staying warm and looking stunning is layers. A pair of wool leggings, a rayon dress slip, cute boots, and a pullover sweater make this not only a cute winter look but a WARM one! Trust me on the dress slip, it will keep your dress from sticking to your tights and it’s another layer!

Sweater is thrifted
Scarf from Traders of Hope
Boots from Toms


With snow melting and warmer temperatures, hopefully forecasted, it’s time to put away the wool tights and embrace some bare leg days under your maxi dress, a pair of flats, ankle boots, or cute clogs are just the thing for these spring days. Opt out of a heavy sweater for a lightweight cardigan in a light tone to complete the look!

Skinny Scarf from Daisy Faye Designs
Clogs are Lotta from Stockholm

While maxi dresses are most associated with summer, do you think you’ll try wearing one this winter? Or perhaps when it’s not ‘summer weather’?

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