Wear It Wednesday | Halfway through Dressember 2019

We’re well past the halfway point of Dressember this year but the flu kicked me on my butt and now I’m playing catch up to share all my updates with y’all!

My goal is to raise $600 this year for Dressember, as it is my 6th year participating. Every donation helps and goes to grant partners across the US and the world that work to identify & rescue, restore & rehabilitate, and aftercare for victims of human trafficking. Make a donation, HERE

I had no rhythm this year, last year I tried to have a rotation of dresses and wear them all equally. This time…was more of a what do I want to wear each morning. And even though it’s the 19th, there aren’t 19 pictures because I didn’t get dressed when I was sick.

One of my favorite outfits, so far this Dressember, is my gray and white striped Elegantees Riley dress with my avacado cardigan over it. I wasn’t too sure when I put them together but I really loved how it turned out! Also, I’m trying to *not* wear my Sseko Leopard coat everyday, it’s a struggle because I love it so much!

It’s been pretty mild this December which is nice because November was super cold and we had so much snow. I have really enjoyed my wool tights that Travis bought me for my birthday this year. They have been worth every penny and perfect when I feel like I just can’t get dressed in a dress for one more day.

Help me reach my Fundraising Goal of $600 to rescue, restore, and rehabilitate human trafficking victims. DONATE HERE

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