Gratitude | 2019

2019 was a hard. Mentally. Emotionally. Spiritually. And yet through it all it was full of moments that made me so grateful. Grateful for my husband, my family in Texas & North Carolina, my church family, and my friends on IG and in-person.

I got busy in 2019. Added more things to my plate, all good things that make me happy but also drain me. In fact this is the first blog post I’ve written in 2 months. The summer months give me plenty of time for writing but fall and the holiday season came on me fast.
(I put out decorations on the 18th, y’all.)
I’m so full of gratitude. For friends visiting, for family visiting. For long phonecalls with my sister and unexpected happy mail. For people who love me, my dog, and my husband like blood.

This year we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary, and Travis and I had pictures taken for the first time since our wedding!
My 33rd Birthday.
My 2 year anniversary with wearwell.
My one year anniversary with Beth-El Mennonite.
My best friend came to visit, my sister, my mom, and my grandmother came to visit for a girls trip to Estes Park and explored Rocky Mountain National Park and saw lots of elk.
My sister-in-law visited us over Christmas, we haven’t all been together in far too long!

In 2019, I was a part of the Beginner’s Pluck Book Launch Team and I went to Denver to hear Liz speak and then I finally decided to become a Sseko Fellow! When you shop Sseko you support my small biz and help to send a girl to University in Uganda and provide fair trade jobs to women in East Africa, India, and Peru. You can change the world with how you shop!

This December I participated in Dressember for the 6th year in a row! And I set a goal of raising $600 dollars to help rescue, restore and rehabilitate, and provide aftercare to victims of human trafficking. (I reached my goal on Christmas day!) Here are a few of the dresses I wore this December.

What I’m so grateful for this year is family. The family I have in Texas, my Sailers Family and my Clarke Family. The family that we’re surrounded with here in Colorado Springs, my friends on IG and in-person. So full of gratitude for new opportunities and bravely trying new things.

And most of all Baby Saxton who will make their debut appearance in June 2020! Congrats to my sister & her husband, it’s been a long journey and I’m so very excited for you both!

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