Wear it Wednesday | Dressember 2019 Wrap Up

Rabbit Rabbit! (Anyone else say this on the first of every month? Just me. Cool.)

Happy 2020! So December took forever to arrive and was gone in a flash! Like I mentioned in my halfway post, there was no reasoning to how I picked my dresses this year. Although looking back on my outfits, I can tell you…

that all the dresses I wore were ethically made. My layers not so much but the dresses are all Elegantees dresses made ethically in Nepal by young women paid a living wage around 2.5x the minimum wage and rescued from trafficking.
My most worn dress is a navy dress I bought during the Elegantees sample sale, it’s practically perfect in every way; 3/4 length sleeves, A-line skirt that falls just below my knee, fitted bodice, scoop neck and it’s navy so it goes with everything elegantly!

On Christmas day, I reached my goal of $600 plus some extra! That will fund 16 hours of aftercare services for trafficking victims! A huge thank you to my donors, several Anonymus donors, my Clarke family, Rebecca Porter, and Julie Carr!

Just because I’m back to wearing jeans…that is if I fit into them…doesn’t mean the fundraiser is over! You can still give through my fundraising page through January! Even if it’s just $5 you can help a victim of human trafficking here in the US and globally.


Thank you for supporting me this December and every Dressember!

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