Wear it Wednesday | Discover Your Style Part 5

Congratulations on reaching the final segment of the Discover Your Style Series! This last part is the perfect way to jump start the new year for your wardrobe, with style resolutions!

Every year I like to set a few adventurous style resolutions, either to simply try on something outside my comfort-zone or to buy something for my wardrobe. In the past my resolutions have been to incorporate more pattern into my closet, donate clothes I don’t wear, and try overalls. I’ll be sharing my Wardrobe Resolutions with you next week, here are some ideas if you want to try something new in 2020!

Here are a few ideas for resolutions if you’re having trouble:
1. no buy challenge for one month
2. try mixing patterns
3. wear a dress each week
4. mixing metals (jewelry)
5. try one new trend
6. get creative with layers
7. host a clothes swap
8. shop secondhand or ethically
9. buy from a local boutique
10. wear everything in your closet

Want more help to discover the clothes you love and why? Get a copy of my in-depth workbook stylishly YOU, this 80+ page workbook guides you through a closet inventory, a 30 day style diary and thoughtful questions to help you discover your style outside of trends and what the big box stores are telling you to buy.

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