Wear it Wednesday | My 2020 Wardrobe Resolutions

It’s 2020 and last year I tried and bought all of my wardrobe resolutions…overalls & clogs and I’m not ashamed. I loved stretching myself creatively and adding unique pieces to my wardrobe.

This year my resolution is to love what I already have. I can’t quiet make the commitment to do a no buy year, but I can slow down my spending and wear what I have and really love. I do want to buy more second hand items, as shopping ethically can add up quickly. In fact I’ve been actively doing a No Buy Month for January…I’ll share how it went in February!

Another resolution is to wear dresses more often throughout the year, yes I know I just wore dresses for all of December. But, after I finish Dressember I find it rather difficult to easily pop on a dress in February, March, and even April. It’s almost as if I save all my dress wearing days for December and completly neglect wearing dresses in the spring season at all.

Do you set wardrobe resolutions? Why or Why not? Wearing what we already have in our closets is the most sustainable wardrobe.

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