Brand Highlight | Wearwell

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family.

When I asked followers on Instagram earlier this year what they wanted to see more of, many responded with new ethical fashion brands. This was exciting because that means a number of followers are interested in changing how they shop and two I get to share some of my favorite brands.

While at Stitch Fix I began having real reservations to how the fashion industry creates clothes and perpetuates a culture of more and quickly outdated trends. I’d already slowly begun to transfer my wardrobe but heard from many how time consuming and difficult it is to do so.
Meet Wearwell.

WearWell makes it easy to find clothes that fit your personal style and the difference you want to make in the world. When you join membership, you get a monthly selection of ethically and sustainably made clothing and accessories, chosen just for you by a stylist! In fact, now is a good time to tell you I’ve been a stylist with wearwell for 2 years now!

As a member each month you’ll get to browse the pieces chosen for you online, purchase what you want, and we ship you only what you’ve chosen to purchase (gotta love the lower carbon footprint than subscription box or rentals). I’m thrilled to be working with this female founded company who is making it easier than ever for women to live meaningful lives. One of the big draws for me working with Wearwell is our Founders are women focused on solving problems with technology & using business to make the world a better place for all women.

As a member you can pause or cancel at anytime, and shipping and returns are always free. Try it out for two months entirely free with promo code FRIENDSANDFAMILY, courtesy of Moi.

And I don’t just style for wearwell, I’ve bought a few pieces for my wardrobe from here as well! If you’re having trouble knowing where to start your ethical fashion wardrobe transition, a monthly subscription to wearwell will instantly give you access to multiple brands and styles without the work!

Click here to begin your membership, today!

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