Mindfulness | Money & Spending

Money. I’m not one of those lifestyle bloggers that regularly shares budgeting tips. In fact my method of budgeting is pretty rudimentary. But as a part of my mindfulness series, I want to share about awareness to my budget and spending.

Obviously some expenses are more important that others: housing, food, insurance, savings, bills, medical, so on. What I’m focusing on in this post is how we spend our ‘fun money’ our allowances so to speak.

“Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want.”

Anna Lappe

This quote has been instramental in my understanding of how I spend money and where it ends up. When I spend my money at Target, I am supporting a large business with multiple locations. Yes, they provide a lot of jobs across the country but most products are made over seas.
When I shop with my local boutique downtown, I’m buying from a local business and supporting an artisan here in my community. It’s the same at the farmer’s market and craft shows. I do my best to avoid big box stores, and I’ve dramatically reduced my spending at Amazon due to their unethical practices that seriously make me uncomfortable.

Overall as a consumer, I have power. The power to chose where I spend money and who I will support with it.

I choose to support small businesses, especially local if and when possible.
I choose to support brands that provide safe work enviroments, fair pay and benefits to their employees, not because they have too but because they genuinely care about their workers.
I choose to not shop impulsively and deeply consider if I need this item and its impact on how I can shop through the rest of the month.
I choose to support brands whose values & long term goals align with my own.

Presently, I’m in the midst of a NO BUY month which is cramping my style but it has also been a season of financial recovery post holidays. Anyone else doing this right now? While the sales going on are insane, espcially from some of my favorite brands, it is killing me to not join in.
But it’s a lesson in contentment and patience.

How are you being more aware of your spending? Do you have guidelines for which brands and businesses you want to support?

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