Wear It Wednesday | Types of Ethical Fashion

I proclaim and introduce myself as an Ethical Fashion Blogger, although many don’t know or understand the term. There are many different views on how to practice ‘ethical fashion’ so I thought I’d take this opportunity to share a variety of ways people practice slow, conscious, and ethical wardrobes. These are all my understandings of each, I asked a few of my closest IG ethical/slow/conscious friends for their input and opinions.

I practice an Ethical Wardrobe and support brands that empower artisans & artisan organizations that promote fair and safe work places for women globally. I buy new when I can, so that I might support these brands and artisans, and secondhand when I find what I’m looking for. Another part of an ethical wardrobe, is wearing my not ethically made pieces for as long as possible. This includes some Target cardigans and jeans which I’ve been faithfully wearing for more than 5 years.

Slow Fashion is one opposed to Fast Fashion, many of the slow fashion bloggers & influencers I follow buy from both Ethical Fashion brands and shop secondhand but very slowly. They tend to only add to their wardrobes on occasion.

Slow Fashion is an awareness and approach to fashion, which considers the processes and resources required to make clothing, particularly focusing on sustainability. It involves buying better-quality garments that will last for longer and values fair treatment of people, animals, and the planet.

from the Good on You Site, https://goodonyou.eco/what-is-slow-fashion/

A Conscious Closet is when the wearer is acutely aware of the impact their clothes make on the earth. The Conscious Closet Bloggers & Influencers I know buy very little new clothes, shop secondhand when possible, and frequently mend or make their own garments. One friend who prefers to call her wardrobe conscious mentioned buying cheaply made pieces instead of ethically made for items she knew she’d only wear short term. Consiously understanding the impact fashion makes on our wallets.

from https://anuschkarees.com

Yes, these all seem so very similar and they are, really. In some ways I see them all as gray circles touching each other different and yet similar. As my friends said, ‘in some ways [we] are practicing some of each of all these traits as ethical fashion purchasers’. One of my other friends also mentioned that these words mean so much. Many of the girls I asked said something suprisingly similar while they may call their closets a different word, I am informed and making the decisions best for myself (and family).

Allow yourself to be a beginner, learn and if refusing to shop at Target is too much to ask try limiting your fashion spending there. Look for alternatives through by shopping secondhand, via Poshmark or ThredUp, and fair trade fashion.

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