Brand Highlight | Trades of Hope with Shelby Wright

The next brand that will I will be featuring as a part of our brand highlight series is Trades of Hope! I interviewed my friend and Trades of Hope Impact Entreprenuer Shelby to get all the details for ya’ll! Everyone say hi to Shelby W!

Q: What is Trades of Hope & what is the story behind it?

We are a fair trade brand owned by women committed to keeping families together and preventing human trafficking. We partner with Artisans in 18 countries who create quality fashion accessories using skills from their own cultures. As a Brand Ambassador, I have the honor and privilege of providing a global marketplace to sell their products through my website and seasonal lookbooks! In turn, I also earn an income that helps provide for my family here in the US!

Q: Why did you become a Trades of Hope Brand Ambassador?

From the moment I learned of the artisan partners we work with in Haiti, many who have attempted leaving their children in orphanages just so they would be fed, my heart broke. I couldn’t fathom having to make that difficult choice just because I lacked a job and a way to feed my babies. I knew right then that I wanted to be a part of this sustainable, income generating solution to poverty orphans. I dove in nearly 6 years ago and started learning about very real issues like human trafficking and poverty orphans and I haven’t turned back. After meeting with artisans face to face in Costa Rica and Haiti, I have a better understanding of the sisters we partner with. They WANT a job and to work. They WANT to provide for their families and send their children to school JUST.LIKE.ME!  THEY DON’T WANT handouts and to beg for food each day. To know we can simply purchase products from them like jewelry and home decor that we’d normally purchase anyway, and make a difference in their lives, is a no brainer for me!

Q: Where are your artisans located?

18 countries including The United States, Haiti, Guatemala, Uganda, India, Thailand and many more! 

Q: What is your favorite product from the new line?

Either the Blush Zazu Earrings (made from sustainably sourced feathers) or the Floral Wristlet (that even fits my phone!) or this gorgeous basket made by the Batwa people in Uganda. The craftsmanship that goes into each piece is astounding!! 

Q: Is there a specific way that your artisans are impacted through Trades of Hope?

They have a DIGNIFIED and SUSTAINABLE way to make a living without having to sell their bodies or work countless hours in poor conditions in a factory. 

Q: What is the most important thing you want to share about Trades of Hope?

Not only does Trades of Hope provide a sustainable income for artisan partners, we also give back to empowering causes near and dear to our hearts! For example, just this week one of our founders was able to handout 50 bikes to girls in Cambodia this week that will provide safer and quicker transportation to and from school! We’ve gifted chickens to provide food and income, life-saving water wheels, life-changing eye glasses, ultrasounds to women in Madagascar that empower moms to better care for themselves during pregnancy and so much more! Empowering others is at the very HEART of this company! Every purchase TRULY makes a difference and I am so thankful for the support!

Learn more about the impact you can make by shopping with Shelby W through Trades of Hope by contacting her directly & be sure to follow her on Instagram!

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