Mindfulness | Biblical Affirmations

I am a believer in affirmations. When we lived in California I did a one day job as a personal assistant to a business coach from San Francisco and she asked me what I ultimately wanted to do. I said work from home. She then told me to mediate on that ask for it from the universe (she was 100% that San Francisco sterotype) and believe in it. Not long after that I was offered a job with Stitch Fix, and began my nearly 3 year journey of working exclusively from home.

Now, I’m not saying this works ALL THE TIME. But it made me realize if I don’t ask God, the Univierse, or whatever you pray to and believe it will happen then it won’t. God hears us. Yes, even our inner most thoughts but when we verbalize what we want, what we need, then He knows we are serious about it. It’s the same with confession, to verbalize our sins agianst our selves and others is incredibly freeing.

Verbalizing affirmations is a wonderful way to put your mind in the right mindset. Today I wanted to share 10 Biblical Affirmations to help you start the day centered in Christ.

I hope you’ll save these download them or scribble them in your planner. Make a habit of speaking these truths into your life each morning, on tough days, and when you feel stuck. You are so very much loved my friends.

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