Globe In | February Grow Premium Artisan Box

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Calling all green thumbs, succulent lovers, and plant ladies! This curated collection of garden-themed box is here to support your healthy habit of nurturing nature. From at-home chefs dedicated to their indoor herb garden to baby-plant-propagating greenhouse gurus, the February Globe In Premium Box has a selection of handmade goods perfect for each and every plant-obsessed version of you.

Looking for a little buddy to pair with your favorite plant companion? Welcome in your new perfect planter roommate to cozy-up your home. Plant in ‘em, label ‘em, appreciate ‘em as a friend in your house or outdoor garden! 

Whitewashed Terracotta Llama Planter 
Measurements: 9″ x 6″ x 11″
Materials: Whitewashed terracotta.
Care Instructions: Wipe clean. Wash only with water. 
Country of Origin: Bangladesh

Artisan Story |
CORR The Jute Works (CJW), a women’s nonprofit and handicraft exporter, has manufactured and exported handmade products for the last 40 years. The company aims to ensure ‘Trade — not aid’ through its work by supporting mostly female workers with access to a fair wage, healthcare, education, and alleviation from exploitation and domestic abuse. CJW, a member of the World Fair Trade Organization, works with more than 4000 artisans through 162 producer groups in Dhaka, Bangladesh. They export handicrafts to the international market in favor of poor and grassroots female artisans so to help them lead their life with dignity.
With its in-house design department, CJW develops its own products on a seasonal basis and is also experienced in the development and execution of custom-made designs, like your new Llama Planter, made exclusively for GlobeIn! Though traditionally there has been a strong emphasis on the use of jute, CJW also uses other materials such as silk, seagrass, bamboo, cane, and recycled materials. Your new planter is an example of this, made from whitewashed terracotta.

Indoor/Outdoor Tealight Lantern – Garden Party 
Measurements: 5″ D x 5.75″ T, with 4″ handle.”
Materials: Enamel-painted stainless steel.
Care Instructions: Handwash recommended. Please note the outer surface heats with a tea light, electric tea light recommended.
Country of Origin: India.  

Artisan Story |
Farzana Parveen, age 37, mother of 4 boys, manager of her house, and de facto cook at all family functions, is on top of all that also the creator of your new lantern. When she was married, she did not know any crafts, but her husband taught her how. Together, they have established their very own workshop. 
Growing up, Farzana had always wanted to get an education, but her society forbids her from studying past the 8th grade. As she was the eldest in her family, her parents placed her in an arranged marriage at the age of 22. Although she was unable to fulfill her own desires for education, Farzana’s dream has become for her sons to be well-educated. Her work in the workshop gives her agency in making this dream come true. 
Suggested use: Place a candle inside and bring some ambiance to any occasion.

Ceramic Pocket Wall Planter, India
Measurements: 5.5″ x 4″.
Materials: Stoneware ceramic.
Care Instructions: Handwash recommended.
Country of Origin: Morocco. 

Artisan Story |
Meet Driss Khalloufi! After dropping out of school at the age of 18, Driss joined his brother, Abdeslam, in 2002. When he started he was an ambitious young man eager to learn everything about ceramics. Now after 17 years, Driss is a skilled and hardworking artisan!
Due to his strong work ethic, skills, focus, and meticulousness, his brother entrusts him with the most important tasks at the studio, including quality control and scheduling and maintaining the workshop kilns. After a long day of work, Driss organizes all the ceramics that need to be cooked in the kiln and is the first person in the studio to open the ovens the following morning. In other words, he is the first one to come to the workshop and the last one to leave! Good work, Driss.
Driss is considered to be the second most skilled and respected man in the workshop, behind Abdeslam. He ensures your products are the best quality they can be and has made a huge difference to the work-shop since the moment he joined in 2002!

Blue Pottery Herb Marker
Measurements: 5.5″ long.
Materials: Indian blue pottery.
Care Instructions: Handwash only.
Country of Origin: India.

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Shopping Globe In provides a fair wage to the artisans. A fair wage creates economic opportunity, allows artisans children to continue going to school instead of having to go work, and for women artisans the ability to be self sufficient. Studies show that women reinvest up to 90 percent of their incomes back into their families, compared to just 30-40 percent by men. (

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