Wear it Wednesday | January 2020 OOTD Wrap Up

My first month after Dressember left decades longer than Dressember and I only wore a dress once, for a wedding. I have been experiementing with how to incorportate my holey 90’s inspired denim into these colder months. So while my skinny jeans made plently of appearances in my wardrobe, I was intentionally creative with my other cuts.

Themes from January: boots, loose tops, layers, Asher, sweaters, awkward poses (seriously I’m so weird in front of the camera.)

Black denim made a big portion of my outfits this January, and I was finally able to wear my new Hazel Elegantees top which I seriously love. Those shoulder details just make it. I also participated in our Tuesdays Together Annual Head Shot Swap and I’m so so grateful for this group of creatives and their ability to make me feel comfortable in front of a camera. And yes, I wore my beloved Hazel top and my favorite go-to Leopard coat!

Speaking of my leopard coat, I was a brunch a few days ago and we were talking about capsule wardrobes. And my friend said it’s comforting to see people in the same thing, for example my leopard coat. It’s one of my most worn pieces in my closet since I got it in November and she said you know I can see that coat from a distance and know it’s you and it has become a part of your personality. Which was a lovely thing to hear, and in thinking about it what she said is true. Her handmade knit cardigans and dresses are a staple to her style and I always love seeing how she handmakes her own closet. While our other friend has a love of large earrings, everytime I see statement earrings, I think of her.

What pieces of your wardrobe have become part of your outward persona?

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