Brand Highlight | Net Zero

I was provided these products for free to share with my audience through the Ethical Influencer Network, all opinions are my own.

I’ve been slowly transitioning pieces in my kitchen and bath to more sustainable options. Over the years, we’ve stopped using plastic disposable straws, it was about the time my husband became convienced that smoothies were the best breakfast option. So he started using reusable straws. Making a sustainable swap seems like a big deal, trust me we still produce a lot of waste despite our efforts. Here are a few plastic free swaps that will make the transition easy!

We both take our lunches nearly every day, and when we don’t it is because I simply didn’t have any leftovers to take. My new stainless steel foldable Spork from Net Zero lives in my tote when I go out. Perfect for enjoying food truck lunches or eating lunch at the office. It helps me eliminate unnecassary plastic waste and it’s easy to carry with me. And I pack mine in a jar in case I ever have leftovers.
Carrying a waterbottle is another easy way to reduce waste. I have a few and there is always one in my purse or my tote. Carrying a reusable cotton bag is also essential for me, it holds all my reusable items and is perfect for shopping. (I say no to plastic all the time.)
Another big change we’ve made in our kitchen is the elimination of all plastic zip top baggies. I realized how much waste there was when I was dividing up meat for our meals into these disposable baggies. Net Zero has these fancy silicone bags available that are the perfect alternative to disposable zip top bags.

Since we mostly use straws at home for husband’s smoothies the straws mostly stay at home. I have carried one on occasion when I know we are going out to eat, which isn’t often, so I don’t need a plastic one at restraunts. This set of 4 stainless steel straws from Net Zero came with a cleaner which works so much better than the craft pipe cleaners I have used in the past. And they hold up really well with hot & cold drinks, and go through the dishwasher with ease. Yes, they get very very cold when you put them into an ice cold smoothie.

In the bathroom, I admit to having a hard time eliminating plastic. Bamboo toothbrushes are a great option, I just got us a set of 4 toothbrushes with charcoal infused bio-degradable bristles. I love how soft the bristles are, no bleeding gums, and the smooth bamboo handle. These brushes are “numbered” with waves on each one. I’m using mine for travel later this year!
I have also been on the hunt for a new hairbrush. I have been using a small travel sized hair brush for years but have wanted a larger one for some time. The bamboo paddle brush from Net Zero is made of sustainable bamboo with a silicon cushion. It gently massages my head and creates dramatically less static than my plastic brush does which is a real issue here in Colorado! I love the size, weight, and feel of this brush.

I am absolutly in love with my new sustainable swap pieces from Net Zero, these are quality and gorgeous pieces. These easy to make swaps are helping me to be more mindful of what I use and reuse on a daily basis.

What are some easy sustainable swaps you’ve made?
Shop Net Zero for more easy sustainable swaps!

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