Sseko Designs | Hopefully Yours Oiled Agave Leather

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When I saw our new Agave Green Oiled leathers as a part of our new Spring Collection with Sseko I was both stunned and in awe. Stunned because this jewel tone is not generally associated with spring. We all think of soft pastels and light neutral tones, or at least I do.

The smooth and sophisticated Oiled Agave leather will elevate your wardrobe with a unique, seasonless jewel tone. The Agave plant is robust and strong and incredibly versatile. It is sometimes referred to as the “century plant” as it takes 100 years to fully bloom, yet when it matures, in addition to being beautiful, nearly every part of the plant serves a greater purpose. The agave nectar reminds us that the journey of growth makes success even sweeter. As we emerge into a season that celebrates new life and joy, we acknowledge that the struggles and seasons of trial and growth makes our strength even sweeter.

Vintage Satchel in Oiled Agave

As a lover of basically all shades of green, this one in particular makes my heart skip a beat. I especially love the small leather accessories we have in this color this season, perfect to add a subtle but stunning color to your everyday pieces. Like adding the Oiled Agave tassel to your favorite bag or stashing chapstick or essential oils in the small coin purse.

Coin Purse

Oiled leather is a material that has undergone an intense nourishing treatment and thus contains an oil content of over 15% its weight. This treatment makes the leather one of strongest types available. Oiled leather is a quality durable leather and will need to be reoiled on occasion. To care for my oiled leather Sseko Bags, I wipe them down with a microfiber cloth once a week, or month, and recondition every 3-6 months depending on the weather and how much I use it.

If you don’t find this gorgeous jewel tone green alluring, perhaps you’re more of a pastel gal. I’ll be sharing about our new pebbled lavendar mist next month!

Shop our Hopefully Yours Collection for more beautiful artisan made styles to confidently elevate your wardrobe this spring!

Questions about how and where we source our leather? Hopefully this article will help.

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