Mindfulness | Eucalyptus in the Shower

I’ve seen the Pinterest posts, about putting natural eucalyptus in your shower and that the steam will release the oils from the leaves and help open up your sinus, not to mention the potential anti-microbial properties Eucalyptus has.

So, to accurately write this post I stocked up on eucalyptus from my local Trader Joe’s (3 stems are $3.99). I only put one bunch in my bathroom, you could easily do 2 or 3 for a more robust smell. Start by removing the plastic wrapping and then simply used the twisty to put it in our shower under the nozzle. Not directly under the showerhead but attached to the Shower Head near the wall.

From a quick web search, the benefits of having eucalyptus in the shower: the steam of the shower releases the essential oils of the eucalyptus plant, which can clear nasal congestion and inflammation related to sinus and bronchial infections. Many people find the scent of eucalyptus to be relaxing. Most importantly, it is pretty.

Initially my husband had so. many. questions. Is it just mine or do your spouses doubt every new thing you try?

Now, our first attempt at this yielded a very subtle eucalyptus scent for about a week. I originally purchased the Silver Dollar Type of Eucalyptus. I have also read you can use a roller or such over the stems and leaves before hanging for a stronger scent. If you choose to do this be prepared to put your eucalyptus between some newspaper as it is very sticky. The second bunch I bought was the Baby Blue Eucalyptus the next time and it seems to have a stronger scent off from the start.

So, after having eucalyptus in our shower for a month, I’m noticing a less stuffy nose, a very scent-filled shower which is quiet relaxing, and yep I do find it pretty. I especially love how they make my whole bathroom smell after a hot shower, and kind of feels like I’ve gone to a spa when I shower at the end of the day, kind of.

Personally, as a crazy plant lady I’ve been wanting to add something green to our bathroom, but with no windows. I don’t want to subject any plant to certain death. Buying eucalputus steams once a month, and especially before we have company, seems like a great way to add greenery to the space and add a fresh non-toxic scent to the space! Note: keep eucalyptus away from all your pets, it is toxic especially when ingested. The eucalyptus plant has been used by gardeners as a cat deteriant.

Once my eucalyptus branches have given me all they can, I move them from our private bathroom to our guest bath for aesthetic purposes and then they can be composted (#circleoflife) or put into a vase. Since they have been dried you can still enjoy subtle scent of eucalyptus for years to come.

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