Wear it Wednesday | February 2020 Outfits

While January was dry and surprisingly warm for Colorado, February was not. Not warm, not dry.

So here are a few of my outfits I did manage to document this month! My fur babies made it into a lot of my pictures because it was cold and everyone wanted snuggles this month, and I always take a picture when I get snuggles.

I spent much of February wearing lots of layers and a big puffer coat due to snow and cold weather. Each month, I participate in the Outfitted challenge hosted by Jaimi Stewart from Jaimi Stewart, Ashleigh from Sela Designs, Heidi from Fair Ethical Frugal, and Katillia Marie.

This month’s theme was love: our favorite jewelry, item gifted to use by someone we love, Valentine’s looks, most loved top, well-loved color, my favorite outfit, and so on. You’re invited to join us each Monday & Friday with the monthly hashtag and by tagging one of the hosts on Instagram.

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