Brand Highlight | The Root Collective

This post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family.

I love The Root Collective, they are one of the original brands that introduced me to ethical fashion, in fact you can read my first post about TRC here.

From The Root Collective Website:

At The Root Collective, we partner with small, independent workshops because we believe that’s where the most impact in communities happen. Our goal is to support existing workshops that are run by local business owners. All of our producers receive beyond fair trade wages.

This model is intentional. Small business has the power to create incredible change in communities through jobs, and we want to support and empower those local leaders to continue to see change through employment.

I love my TRC Gaby flats, and I wear them a lot in the spring and summer!

I especially love the back loomed fabric made by artisan women in Guatemala. These flats are comfy, cute and I always get compliments on them! My newest pair are these scarlet red Gaby flats, a bit outside my go-to color palette but they still pair perfectly with my wardrobe.

From The Root Collective Website:

There are few things we love more than our fabric. Not only are our shoemakers being paid a fair wage, but the fabric on your shoes and bags is handwoven by women in rural communities.

This is so important. Women in Mayan communities often don’t speak Spanish, since they didn’t have the opportunity to go to school. Instead, their regional Mayan dialect prevents them from getting a job in the formal economy. 

Their skill? Weaving.

This job allows them the dignity to provide for their families.

We are beyond proud to partner with them on our textiles. And we want you to be beyond proud to wear them and tell the story every time you get compliments.

And they don’t just sell flats, there are boots and sandals. I have a pair of the Espe boots in a leather they chose to not go with. Also known as a one of a kind pair of ethically made boots! I know ethically made shoes are more expensive, but I plan to wear my flats and boots for years and years. And by taking care of my shoes with resoling from a cobbler and caring for the fabric and leather I’ll be wearing these when I’m 60!

What would you add to your wardrobe? Gaby Flats or Thea Flats? Or a pair of their beautiful ankle boots or slide on sandals? Whichever you chose, you can shop HERE

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