Wear it Wednesday | Working from Home

I get it, were all mostly self isolating and the motivation to get dressed has been completely deminished. But after working from home for several years, let me give you some tips.

One. I am always more productive when I am dressed than when I stay in my jam jams all the live long day.
Two. I have a community of ladies on IG that encourage me to get dressed on days I stay home. I see you #outfittedforstyle ladies!
Three. Routine!

So, yes, I do encourage you to get up and get dressed when you’re working or relaxing at home. Yes, if you’re just having a DAY and just need to stay in your sweatpants then do that but for me, sweatpants begin to feel like failure by day 3. Getting dressed when staying at home doesn’t have to be fancy but it will increase productivity.

I love to do videos either for FB or IG, or just a Zoom call with some friends so I can talk to real live adults besides my husband. I prefer to be dressed and properly put together, aka some make up, before these. I also post my outfit pictures on my Instagram Stories, it keeps me accountable not to mention we have style prompts for each Monday & Friday.

Next on my list is to have a routine, but more specifically having a morning routine gives my day structure, helps me to ground my day and not feel so blah.

My routine looks like this:
7 am get up, walk dog, have breakfast, and journal
8 am do yoga, get dressed, make coffee
9 am get to work
12 -1 have lunch, walk dog, and do one house chore
1 pm go back to work
5 pm Clock out, take a shower or go on another walk to ‘commute home’

When working from home my outfits are more along the lines of jeans with a top and layer than a dress. I will occasionally rock leggings but only if I wear a cute tunic top. We don’t wear shoes in our house, so I may put some on for a picture but usually end up in thick socks if it is cold out or just being bare foot. I do have a home sweater, that I practically only wear at home, it’s not especially stylish but it is warm and it has pockets, plus it looks nicer than a robe. A perk to being dressed is then you look nice when your UPS driver drops off your package, you don’t put off taking the dog out or going for a walk because then you’d have to get dressed. It’s just convienent.

Next, you probably noticed I wrote ‘commute home’. Yep, working from home often means walking from one room to the next. But I need to decompress at the end of the day. I need time to wind down. My favorite way to commute home is to take a shower, it is a very physical way of ending work, washing everything away, and being refreshed. Another great way to commute, is to take a walk. Asher prefers this method of me ending my day. Just like there is a strong routine at the beginning of your work day, I like to have a strong finite ending to my work day.

Do you have a routine for when you work from home? Mine took years to get just right, with a balance of active time, a household chore, and plenty of time for being productive.

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