Brand Highlight | Courtyard Camel

I was gifted this product to share with my readers and followers.

I love learning about new ethical fashion boutiques, like Courtyard Camel. Olivia of Courtyard Camel reached out to me in late March asking to send me a product of my choice, after learning about their heart for fair trade and always excited for upcoming entrepreneurs I had to say yes! And then I gave Olivia permission to surprise me with something from their shop. Since I often only talk about ethical fashion here, I told her to pick something out from their home goods for me to share with you.

Olivia and Melissa sent me a lovely handwoven cotton table runner to decorate my home for the spring season. It has been high time to take off my table cloth and redecorate for the spring season. I love handwoven pieces, you can feel the craftsmanship and quality. I really loved the off-white tone of this runner, a beautiful neutral that isn’t stark white while it still pops on our antique kitchen table. I loved styling this with a few of my favorite succulents and my favorite heirloom cookbooks! I decided to keep it far from where we eat, as I can see a spaghetti sauce stain happening the first time we have pasta near it. (Yes, I’m saying my husband is a bit messy.)

So, a little bit about Courtyard Camel. CC is owned and operated by Melissa & Olivia Reber from Vancouver, Washington. This dynamic mother & daughter team are entrepreneurs at heart with a passion for people which is why they launched Courtyard Camel in November of last year. Through this online shop, they hope to raise awareness of the importance of fair trade and ethically made environments globally. CC is a fair sustainable gift shop, a great place to find the perfect gift for your co-worker or friend who is also ethically minded! They offer a variety of goods from jewelry to home goods, which I am super excited about! I’ve added a few fair trade made home goods to our space over the last few years but to be honest, I buy them when I find them and I like them. Otherwise, I’ve been slow to decorate with fair trade pieces. 

If you are looking to buy a pick me up during your shelter-in-place, a birthday gift for April friends, or perhaps surprise a friend with some happy mail, check out what Courtyard Camel has to offer. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll be supporting an ethically made mom & daughter shop!

Click here to begin your membership, today!

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