Wear it Wednesday | I broke my No Buy Streak

My unintentional and sort of intentional, no buy January that spilled into February almost became a No Buy March. But I broke my streak on March 26th for a very worth while reason. By the time I broke my No Buy Streak, Coronavirus was in full swing.

As an Elegantees Insider, I get rewarded when I share their products on Facebook and I’ve been more active on Facebook thanks to this pandemic. I’m the social media coordinator & communications manager for our church, titles I’ve added to my original of Church Administrator. So, I’ve also been more active on my own Stylishly Shelby Facebook page, scheduling and posting has become second nature to breathing.

I closely follow Elegantees and it’s founder, Katie, on social media. The reason I share about Elegantees so much is because I believe in the work they are doing and I absolutely love their products. And I wanted to support them in some small way through the Corona Crisis of 2020 which meant upping how often I talked and shared about their products and their seamstresses.When Elegantees announced their spring line up, and I saw the Hallie jumpsuit, I knew I wanted it in my closet. I’ve been eager to find the perfect jumpsuit for my wardrobe and because I want to add more green to my closet that military green would be a perfect addition. Even though I haven’t gotten my jumpsuit yet, I have so many ideas on how to style it once it arrives. And I hope everyone will be okay with me wearing for a week straight. I really want to style it with my clogs and denim jacket, or with my leopard flats and a cardigan. In the summer, I want to wear it with my favorite Sseko Sandals and my Rattan Circle bag. For Fall, I’d like to wear it with ankle boots and a pullover sweater.

Part of not shopping for my closet for nearly 3 months, really reiterated to buy only what I really wanted. I would say need but my closet doesn’t need anything to be completely honest with you. Taking time to really assess if I would wear this or that, if my closet lacked that cut, color, or style gave me time to see what I would actually enjoy in my wardrobe. A military olive cropped jumpsuit is just the thing to fit the bill. I own nothing like it. I want to add more green to my closet, and I love one piece outfits. It’s why I wear dresses all the time.

I may or may not get my new jumpsuit anytime soon, but I do know I am supporting a small business I love and look forward to continuing supporting them through the Corona Crisis of 2020. You can support Elegantees buy shopping through their site or sharing them on social media! 

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