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Hi, my name is Shelby and I’m a crazy houseplant lady. The current count at my house is 12 houseplants, some times they die and then I add more. In today’s blog post, I’m sharing the power of caring for houseplants and what they add to my home.

When I was in college studying Interior design, the topic of houseplants was brought up from a time or two. Adding houseplants, real or fake, brighten up a space with fresh color, add texture to a space, and literally add life! Especially if they are real. If you get fake plants, be sure to dust them every now and then so they don’t you know, look fake.

While I don’t tend to grow flowers because I have a husband with allergies, sometimes my succulents bloom. And a few weeks ago, I snagged a sad-looking tulip plant from my Trader Joe’s. And I think I’ve fully revived them!

While I understand not everyone feels like they have a “green thumb” but having something to care for could be a great way to focus on something besides the news. And when we have something to take care of we tend to take care of ourselves better. Remember a little bit of light, some water, and fresh air are things we all need.  

Learning to understand what your plant wants takes some intuition; is it more light, less water, or perhaps a kind word? After I get up in the morning and feed the cats and dog, take the dog for a walk, I go and touch each of my plants. By pushing my finger into the soil up to my knuckle, to let me know if they need water. If the color seems off, move them to a brighter spot but never in direct sun. 

Let me take this moment friends and readers to inform you that I’ve killed my fair share of houseplants. I’m trying to keep my Aloe Vera alive, this is one of the toughest plants I’ve attempted. While I love the more trendy Monstera and Fiddle Leafs, I also have cats and tend to pick things I can put on shelves away from their grabby paws and teeth.

What I love most about my houseplants, is that they are beautiful. My office at home is a sanctuary and my plants add to that space, I do have a few scattered in the living room and in the bedroom as well but the majority are in my office. But I love filling my office with beautiful things including some beautiful art, my favorite books and more importantly my favorite yellow reading chair they fill my office with personality. I love my plants and what they add to this space. 

Some of my favorite easy to grow plants are Spider plants, Snake plants, and Pothos. All are easy to grow in lower light and aren’t too needy when it comes to water.

So, if you haven’t added a plant to your home or office I (obviously) recommend it. Just make sure you get enough bright ambient light and just remember to check the soil and water when necessary. Although adding plants to your home isn’t an essential trip out during the Corona Crisis, Trader Joe’s has a great selection and you can get plants from Amazon, although, to be honest I’ve never ordered plants from there. 

5 thoughts on “Mindfulness | Houseplant Therapy

  1. A house become much more peaceful with plants 🙂 nice to meet you and your blog Shelby! stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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