Wear it Wednesday | Faith, Fashion, and Creation Care

Creation Care ought be innate to being Christian, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Choosing to care for the earth and living being mindful is seen as hippie and defiantly not mainstream. Over the years, I’ve found small ways to be more mindful, minimize waste, and reduce our energy consumption. Being mindful begins with understanding that our purchases impact lives and the earth, how can we minimize waste, care for ourselves and our planet. 

God left the earth in our care. He calls for us to care for creation using the same word that He uses to describe how He cares for us.

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it” Genesis 2:15 ESV 

And if that language doesn’t do anything for you consider the following versions:
“Cultivate it and keep it” New American Standard Bible
“Tend it and watch over it” New Living Translation
“Work it and keep it” English Standard Version
“Take care of it and to look after it” Holman Christian Standard Bible
“Till it and watch keep it” Revised Standard Version
“Work the ground and keep it in order” The Message (Bible)

This is His first command, before the whole ‘don’t eat anything from the Tree of Knowledge’ bit.  He wants us to be fully present to this place He created for us. He entrusted us with this planet, and we are failing it.

I believe in the creation of heaven on earth, Eden was here it could be again. I also believe in living peacefully with my neighbors and nature. Yeah incase you haven’t figured it out. I’m a full-blown hippie that loves Jesus and my planet. 

So why?
No one person can change the world, except Jesus. He did that already now He has called us to be His hands and feet, to love our neighbors and care for the planet our Father entrusted to us. I think of it in terms of the parable of the talents, why don’t we invest in systems to better grow and care for this place instead of doing nothing with what we’ve been given.

How do I live out Creation Care as a Christian?

As a Christian, I believe it’s my moral obligation to live a life according to how Christ lived. This means being mindful of others at all times, and only using what I need. I choose to buy less, buy local, and reduce my waste as a way of living out my values of loving my neighbors locally (supporting them economically & making sure this place we call home is habitable for all of us). When I buy locally I’m also choosing to reduce my greenhouse emissions in an effort to make our planet better for our global neighbors. Reduce my waste in practical ways, we obviously live in a very different time than Jesus & his disciples. And they didn’t have plastics or the globalization of shopping and convenience. All of this to say as a Christian I live out my faith and care to our planet by buying less packaged food, choosing no plastic bags (when possible), and finding reusable items in place of single use. 

How do I live out Creation Care as a Fashion Stylist & Blogger?

As a Fashion Stylist & Blogger, I care about creation care because so much my inspiration comes from Creation it’s self. If there is no Creation, there is no us. I work hard to vet and prove brands are doing the work they claim to do, I start by choosing natural fibers grown organically. If organic fibers aren’t available I look for recycled fibers as this is a great way to keep these plastic fibers from our landfills and water systems.
Another part of caring for creation as a fashion stylist & blogger is recognizing the impact I have on the earth by how I care for my clothes. By choosing to wash less often I use less energy, and my clothes in turn last longer. I also choose to air dry for the same reason. I also choose to mend & repair my clothes when possible before I donate. Instead of throwing out clothes I’ve begun researching textile recyclers across the nation.
This also means when I buy something new for my closet, it is a very mindful purchase. No more are the days of impulsive buying.

Happy Earth Day friends, as we continue to practice physical distancing I encourage you to get outside today. Pick up some trash, start your summer garden, repurpose some of your old clothes, and consider how you live your life in relationship to our Christ & our Planet.

Grace, Peace, and Wellness to you this season.

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