Wear It Wednesday | The Root Collective Fashion Revolution Style Challenge

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Last week was Fashion Revolution week commemorating the 7th Anniversary of the Rana Plaza Collapse. I love a good style challenge and participated in The Root Collective Fashion Revolution Style Challenge with friends from across the country.

The TRC style challenge prompts were emailed to participants the night before and were so fun and easy to incorporate into my routine. I also tend to preplan my outfits for challenges like this so I’m not fretting each morning when getting dressed. I love the Get Dressed Up prompt and the Althlesuire prompts the most, because 1) I love getting dressed up or wearing a dress and 2) if I’m in athlesuire there is a pretty good chance I’m not wearing cute shoes. So wearing my favorite flats with my comfiest clothes was a good change of pace for me.

What I wore

My goal for the Style Challenge was to wear as many ethically made pieces as possible, and I ended up doing a pretty good job. Most of my tops were from Elegantees and Shop Wearwell, denim was mostly ABLE or Boyish denim

What I’ve learned

This week I learned that a lot has changed in Bangladesh since 2013, garment factories are making significant changes for the safety of their workers. But many are still wildly underpaid, only making about half of a living wage, so that we can sustain our lifestyle of cheap, fast fashion. Read more about how things have changed in Bangladesh, HERE. Yes, things have gotten better but we cannot claim success just yet. Continue learning, continue asking brands #whomademyclothes, continue to work for better, more sustainable clothes.

Support Artisans in Guatemala when you shop The Root Collective

What did you learn from Fashion Revolution Week? What do you want to know about how your clothes are made?

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