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Who has been cooking from home a lot lately? (I have both hands in the air!) Even though we usually cook from home, it has become a more exciting end of the day activitiy when working from home. When cooking at home I’ve found that prepping is as important as the cooking process.

Anyone else eating a lot of fruit these days? The hanging fruit basket in this month’s artisan box is very cute and since we’ve been buying and eating a lot of fresh fruit it would get a lot of use at my house! Which of these would you use in your kitchen?

Macrame Hanging Fruit Basket – India 
Measurements: 38″ drop x 11.5″ D
Materials: Upcycled sari fabrics.
Care Instructions: Hand-wash recommended.
Country of Origin: India.

Artisan Story |
This Fruit Basket Hanger is made from upcycled saris which are cleaned, made into strands, and woven into handicrafts. These saris are woven into beautiful products in a small rural village called Bagga in Moradabad, India, which GlobeIn was lucky enough to visit in the summer of 2019. In this artisan group, all the weaving is finished by women. The 6 female artisans weaving in this group have learned their skills from multiple generations of female weavers.

Farzana Begum, a weaver herself, married Intizar Hussain, a metal-working artisan from her artisan group. She manages a team of 6 female artisans and oversees the production process. Together, Farzana and Intizar have four children; two boys and two girls, ages 10 to 17, who all attend school. According to Farzana and Intizar, “we are very happy to receive orders from GlobeIn as this will help us to complete the extension of our house.” They also have a small farm where they grow their crops and raise buffalo for milk for their family’s use. Farzana hopes that the orders will grow so that they “may continue to provide benefits to the women in their workshop.

Laminated Cutting Board – India 
Measurements: 10″ x 12″ x 0.75″
Materials: Laminated assorted Indian woods.
Care Instructions: Hand-wash recommended. Lightly oil after washing.
Country of Origin: India.  

Artisan Story |
Welcome, Talib Rasoo to the GlobeIn family! Talib is 34 years old and is married with a 2-year-old daughter. Talib lives in Saharanpur, India, which is known for its wooden handicrafts. Woodworking is a family career, and like many others, Talib learned his skills from his father who is also an artisan. At the studio where he works, Talib is the head artisan and manages several young artisans underneath him. Talib’s daily tasks revolve around sample development, wood sizing, and managing the other artisans. 

About one year ago, his workshop nearly closed down due to a lack of incoming orders; but recently, GlobeIn’s orders have given new life to his workshop, and employment for the 25 artisans working with it! Last rainy season, for example, Talib’s workshop flooded, which only added to the stress of his thinning business. However, due to the income he’s gained from GlobeIn orders, Talib will now be able to raise the foundation of his workshop, so as to protect it from adverse weather conditions in the future.

Large Enamel Colander – India
Measurements: 12.5″ x 9.5″ x 4.5″
Materials: Enamel painted stainless steel.
Care Instructions: Hand-wash recommended.
Country of Origin: India.  

Artisan Story |
Say hello to Dilshad Hussain and his brother Danish! Dilshad and Danish are a few of the metal-working artisan partners who developed your colander. Their father was one of the first artisans practicing this craft in Moradabad, India. Dilshad and his brothers, Shamshad and Danish, took up their father’s craft at age 15, but instead of working for a factory, became entrepreneurs and built a Fair Trade studio of their own from the ground up!
At this point, our India partner, Noah’s Ark, supported them with the infrastructure to start up the business, which has grown to supply nearly a million dollars of product to Fair Trade companies all around the world! With the income they receive from our orders, they are able to provide fair trade wages and safety standards to the full studio of 8 artisans that work with them. The impact generated from their efforts has been tremendous: the family has moved from a remote village outside of Moradabad, India, to a slightly bigger town nearby where they own a building, using the ground floor as a workshop and the top floor as their home
About 5 years ago, their business took a stumble when a large account closed in the UK. Dilshad’s workshop almost had to close too. However, by purchasing large orders, GlobeIn helped revive their workshop again. With your orders, Mavens, they are able to continue to provide better working and living conditions to their artisans. The Hussain family hopes to use this newfound business to someday start a free school for the children of their village.

Large Ceramic Berry Basket, Morocco 
Measurements: 5″ x 5″ x 4.5″.
Materials: Ceramic.
Care Instructions: Hand wash recommended.
Country of Origin: Morocco.  

As, someone who leaves cutting board and colanders on our counter for easy access. I love these beautiful artisan-made pieces that support makers, and make my home look more stylish than it really is! You can get the Prep Artisan Premium Box for yourself or as a gift for a friend, HERE.

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