Mindfulness | Mother’s Day

Disclosure: If Mother’s Day is triggering for you please take care of yourself while reading this, or if you choose not to read this. I understand.

Today we’re talking about Mother’s Day, I have an awesome mom. She is super crafty and made all my halloween costumes growing up, which was pretty awesome. She also owned and ran her own business when I was in high school and encouraged me to be active in FFA, photography, and yearbook. 

My mom was my mentor when I was young, she was as much my parent and she was a trusted advisor. She took the time to help me see problems from new perspectives and she was my advocate. She encouraged me to enter my rabbits into the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, even though we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. When my lamb my senior year developed a cyst, we didn’t have an animal trailer. Instead, we loaded him into the back of her Tahoe and we drove to a country vet about an hour away. I may have been the quiet, shy, girl in FFA and totally outside my family’s comfort zone but I always had my mom to encourage me.

4 women standing together in front of a brown wall
My sister, my mom, my maternal grandmother, and me from April 2019 in Estes Park

When I lived at home, supporting my mom meant cleaning up around the house. Now that I live away from home, supporting my mom looks different. Since I live out of state visiting only happens a few times a year, so we do a lot of FaceTime calls. When my sister & her husband are at my parent’s house we often do a big FaceTime and see everyone at once. I may not be at home to help around the house anymore but I can talk to my mom often. I can send her pictures of life here in Colorado, my fur babies, and talk about my baby sister becoming a Mom herself! 

There are so many great ways to love on mom to celebrate based on her love language. My mom loves acts of service, gifts, and quality time. She was always a fan of us helping her keep house, hanging out at the mall together, or a gift from her favorite daughters. If you aren’t familiar with the Love Languages they are; gifts, quality time, physical touch, acts of service, and words of affirmation.

If gifts are your mom’s love language, it’s important for me to mention she doesn’t want whatever. She appreciates things you find that remind you of her, that are functional, and that appeal to her sense of style. Show her how much you care, with an artisan-made Mama Necklace, that she can proudly wear all year long!

For moms that love quality time, consider doing something with your mom. My mom loves to sew, craft, and make things. Since I can’t be there to spend quality time with my mom, one way to do this is to FaceTime her and do a project together! Another idea is to plan a mom & daughter weekend getaway, for when all this Covid-19 stuff is over.
You know those moms that love to hug? She appreciates physical touch, so be the first to initiate the hug, sit next to mom on the couch. I’m a big fan of acts of service, I get this from my mom. How can you serve mom not just on mother’s day but on a daily basis? Is there something you can do for mom? Obviously taking her out to dinner is a good idea, heck surprise her by loading or unloading the dishwasher, vacuum the house, or wash her car! The ideas are endless on how you can show her you care with an act of service.
Giving the gift of words of affirmation seems like a way of getting out of buying mom a gift, but really it is a gift we can give daily. Words of affirmation aren’t just blindly encouraging, they are productive. Empowering mom with her career, her hobby, or her passion.

In our new normal, even simple holidays like Mother’s Day are strange, to say the least. Since I’m not going to be seeing my mom in person this Mother’s day I’m sending her a card, she works for Hallmark so she appreciates it and I love sending snail mail! If you are grieving this Mother’s Day, I’m linking my friend Sica’s blog post on grieving this mother’s day for you. 

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