Wear It Wednesday | Sseko 2020 Summer Collection

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Although it is only April, it certainly feels a bit like summer here the last few weeks in Colorado Springs. I’m especially excited for warmer styles like sandals, summer weight pants, and showing some leg! It felt like spring arrived so quickly, and it seems right for summer to arrive a little early as well.

Last week, Sseko launched it’s Mini Summer Collection which is full of beautiful minimalist floral design & gorgeous solid apparel, textural elements, and colorful details for warmer days ahead.

This collection is the perfect expression of reclaiming our vision for 2020. Our minimalist floral design “Hide and Seek” is a celebration of the hidden gems in our midst every day. (If you look with curious eyes you’ll be able to see a peaceful, mischievous face peeking through the foliage!) With our solid apparel, we’re taking after the Tiger Lily who unapologetically struts her audacious spots on her bright can’t-miss-em petals as a celebration of our own courage, pride, and boldness–even in the midst of uncertainty.

Our pom-pom clutch is handwoven and will add joy to every outfit while our neutral jute tote is as eco-friendly as it is summer-chic. And in these times when everything seems to be changing so rapidly, we find it comforting to go back to our foundations — the things that remain true even during times of uncertainty. Over ten years ago, we started dreaming under a Mango Tree in Uganda about a company that would create community and opportunity for women across the globe.

So this summer, we’re celebrating our foundation in Uganda with a paper bead jewelry collection. We’ve reimagined and elevated this classic Ugandan craft to add a delicate and unique flair to your summer wardrobe. These beautiful colorful pieces elevate your summer wardrobe without weighing you down.

As you continue about your days, we hope this collection reminds you to look for the miracles and to be fearlessly, boldly, and unapologetically YOU. While we all continue to navigate this new strange normal, fearlessly embrace the future and who you beautifully are. And this new collection is perfect for sharing yourself boldly.

Shop our new Summer Collection, support artisan women & move into the warmer season in style!

More details about the “Hopefully Yours” Spring Summer 2020 Collection, HERE, HERE, and HERE!

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