Brand Highlight | Balthazar & Rose

A few years ago for Christmas my husband bought me, my first Fauta from Balthazar & Rose. Proceeds benefited (RED) an organization my husband is passionate about. It has become one of my favorite, most versatile, and unique accessories! I have 2 fautas and you’ll often see me snuggling up on the couch with it in the summer to read a book or pack it in my bag for a trip.

My favorite use for my Fauta is a huge wrap around scarf for cold winter days here in Colorado, and as a lightweight blanket in my office. I also always pack my fauta when traveling, ideal for cold airplanes or walking across the city in style. It is 100% Tunisian Cotton and gets softer and softer in time. I’ve also used my fauta as a beach towel when lounging at the pool or as a towel for guests. I wash mine in our washing machine and hang dry, I basically hang dry everything if given the chance. 

Balthazar & Rose foutas are the highest quality out of Tunisia. They are an artisanal product with a rich history in the Mediterranean. Made on semi-mechanic looms with hand rolled fringes, they are a functional luxury that serve as a towel, shawl, throw, baby blanket, travel accessory, tablecloth, and more. Exquisitely stylish yet highly practical, the lightweight, absorbent fouta dries quickly, resists sand, and rolls up small enough to fit into your bag. 

Savon d’Alep has a rich history that goes back to ancient times. It gets its name from the city of Aleppo, Syria where the ancient Soap Masters engaged in the art of soap making. Their Soap Master was forced to leave Syria due to the tragic war. The making of traditional big block Aleppo soap takes 9 months to complete, due to the drying time. Savon d’Alep improves with age and whilst the exterior of the soap lightens into a golden tan color, the inside remains green. The older it gets, the longer it lasts when being used. This skin loving soap is made with an ancient formula that consists of only 4 ingredients (NO parabans, NO preservatives): Olive Oil, Laurel Bay Oil, Lye and Water (fragrance used in their Lavender soap and our Amber & Musk soap). And as a Los Angeles based social entrepreneurship, they engage Homeboy Industries in packaging their soaps and give back a percentage of proceeds (10% of retail & 5% of wholesale) to Syrian refugees via the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Mission Statement: Balthazar & Rose is a social enterprise that strives to bring beautiful, simple, useful gifts from the East to the West. Our mission is to make a positive impact by bridging cultural divides with products that are socially responsible and embody powerful significance: working directly with artisans, protecting the cultural heritage of ancient products and providing economic opportunity for people on the margins of society.

Why am I sharing all this with you? Back in January, you know approximately 15 years ago, I decided to share all my favorite brands with you. Now, I’m sharing all my favorite brands with you because I don’t want to see them go away because of this pandemic. I’m not asking you to buy anything, but the next time you’re in the market for a great travel blanket/scarf/beach towel I hope you’ll think back and remember Balthazar & Rose. Because when you buy from a small business you’re supporting them, and the artisans that make these products.

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