Mindfulness | Quarantine Confessions

Who went into Quarantine 2 months ago with grand plans? (I’ve got my hand ALL THE WAY UP.) We were going to get creative clean things out and conquer those things that had been staring us in the face. I have a confession to make y’all. None of that happened. None. Of. It.

Confession #1 | I haven’t read a single book.
Remember my book stack? It made for a good Instagram post but if we’re being honest, I haven’t picked up one of those books. Or any other book for that matter sans my bible since this started. I haven’t listened to one audiobook either.

Photo by Amber Motes Photography

Confession #2 | I haven’t been doing yoga every morning.
I really was super excited to do yoga each morning! And I did for a few weeks. And then the anxiety set in, I started having insomnia and snoozing my alarm in the mornings. I also was feeling super cramped for time in the mornings, and I’m one of those non-morning people that enjoys sitting in complete silence for the first 2 hours of the day. While I really do love yoga, I also really love sitting on the couch drinking coffee and staring off into space until my alarm goes off that I need to get my bum moving and get dressed. So that’s what my mornings have looked like all April long.

Confession #3 | Personally, my life still looks mostly the same from Pre-Covid.
I’m still working, although 90% of my church work is now from home instead of being in the office. I’m still styling with Wearwell, and I’m still blogging. And in all of that I’m trying to get out and walk the dog more, I’m trying to get dressed everyday between Monday & Friday. I still have to go to the grocery store, cook dinner, and so on. I am planning some artwork for my sister which I’m super excited about. I’m ready for warm spring weather and trying to decide if my container plants for last year are going to revive themselves or if I just need to buy new ones. Life actually looks pretty much the same here at our house. Which makes big routine changes even harder if you ask me.

Photo by Amber Motes Photography

So, has your routine changed dramatically? What are you accomplishing or not accomplishing? Let’s celebrate the little ways we are making it through this time. If life looks fairly normal for you, high five. If life looks like it took a right turn and you haven’t course corrected, we see you and let us know how we can help. Either way, normal isn’t going to look the same when this is all said and done whenever that is. So let’s continue to embrace the unknown and make small productive steps towards the future.

7 thoughts on “Mindfulness | Quarantine Confessions

  1. I have read a few books but also haven´t done any yoga ahah and to be honest, my life hasn´t changed that much if compared to pre-covid… but yeah, for a lot of people it has changed, for example working from home (what I’ve been doing for the last years) 🙂 all the best Shelby, now that i am following you, read you soon 🙂 PedroL

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