Wear It Wednesday | 4 ways to style a Skirt

On warmer days, the first thing I reach for is a dress. Yep a dress. So why am I sharing how to wear a skirt? Because I wear dresses often and feel very comfortable wearing dresses, even in winter. But skirts feel like a LOT of work. Anyone else? So I styled my favorite skirt 4 different ways to help inspire you this spring to wear skirts this season!

Look 1 Long Sleeve Top & Cowboy Boots
You can take the girl out of Texas but you can’t take Texas out fo the girl. I got these Ariat cowboy boots to wear at my sister’s wedding in 2012. I love how they fit and the unexpected feminine embroidery on them. You’ll frequently find me wearing them in the spring and fall with skirts and dresses, and they are neutral enough to go with basically everything I own.

Top from Pact Apparel, Skirt from Elegantees, Necklace from 31 Bits, Boots from Ariat

Look 2 Graphic Tee & Sneakers
I am not a graphic tee person. I don’t wear them out of the house much any more, but I do enjoy the juxtaposition of a graphic tee, something so casual paired with a skirt, something very feminine. Add sneakers and on cool days a denim jacket for a functional look! I wore this several times last summer when I wore only dresses and skirts for the month of July. This was my favorite outfit for Vacation Bible School because my skirt had pockets and my tee was casual, also I wasn’t worried about getting paint or glue on my tee!

Top from Belong Magazine, Skirt from Elegantees, Sneakers from Toms

Look 3 Chambray Button Down Top & Flats
This is my favorite because this outfit doesn’t feel like separates to me. Everything about the functionality of a button down chambray says, timeless and feminine and my skirt adds my favorite pop of color as well as pockets and comfort. I literally feel like I’ve walked out of a Time Machine in this outfit. I can’t describe how feminine and flattering it feels on me. 

Top is old from Target, Skirt from Elegantees, Earrings from Noonday Collection, Shoes from The Root Collective

Look 4 Striped 3/4 Sleeve top & Sandals
As timeless and Americana as the last outfit felt, this one sends me straight to Paris. The contrasting stripes and boatneck line give my upper body a stunning visual line while the skirt skims over my lower half. Sandals help this look to feel more dressed down but you could easily add black heels for a completely different aesthetic.

Top & Skirt from Elegantees, Bracelet from Aid through Trade, Necklace & Earrings from Noonday Collection, Sandals & Bag from Sseko Designs

Do you wear skirts often? While I tend to wear dresses more than skirts, I really do love the versatility of the perfect skirt and my mustard skirt is my go-to for warmer days.

PS. I rearranged my office a few weeks ago, and I’m loving how it turned out! My hutch of plants makes me happy 🙂

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