Wear it Wednesday | Dressember in June

Last year, I did a Dressember in July to show folks how easy it actually is to wear a dress everyday! And if we’re being honest it was stupid easy to wear dresses in July, I also find it easy in December too but I’ve been doing it for 6 years. Well, I’ve been told if I do it in June this year my sister will join me! So I’m bumping up it up to #dressemberinjune because of her baby bump!

What is human trafficking & dressember?

Every December, I wear a dress for 31 days to raise awareness and fundraise for Dressember. Dressember is a non-profit that works to end human trafficking. While slavery is abolished in every country of the world, it continues to happen everyday on every continent and every type of economy. While it seems impossible, people are trafficked in every state in the US. Organizations like CAST, Youth Spark, and Olive Crest are US based organizations to support human trafficking victims. 

The dress is our uniform, the flag of our movement. Dressember is an opportunity to reclaim and reappropriate the dress as a symbol of freedom and power; a flag for the inherent dignity of all people. We wear dresses because our femininity is not a weakness. Our bodies are strong and powerful, they grow babies and they carry us across finish lines! We also wear dresses because 71% of people trafficked are women and girls, and women & girls are disproportionally affected by forced labor accounting for 99% of the commercial sex industry and 58% in other sectors.


Help support organizations to end human trafficking through prevention, protection, and aftercare around the world. I set up a Dressember fundraising page for 2020 with a goal of $1,500. This is the biggest goal I’ve ever set and it’s the most I would have ever raised. I’ll be sharing photos and updates of my dresses through out the month and you’re invited to join me! In recent years, men have been invited to join the challenge by wearing a tie everyday, instead of a dress. And you don’t have to wear a dress ALL THE TIME. If your job requires a uniform, you’re working out, or your lounging at home.

So, I’m inviting you to join me & my sister in wearing dresses to talk about human trafficking, to raise money for the most vulnerable around us and to welcome a beautiful baby girl into our family. You can create your own fundraising page and join me or donate to my fundraising page! 


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