Wear it Wednesday | My May Outfits

Here in Colorado, May is our first month of spring so to speak. It’s generally warm enough to wear spring styles, and enjoy lightweight layers, less boots, and shorter inseam lengths.

This month featured lots of dresses, skirts, and shorter inseam lengths. And since I’ve had to wear layers since November, I’m over wearing cardigans or jackets so if I have a choice I’m not going to wear a jacket ya’ll. I have also been challenged by my Instagram friends to style a few things from my closet in new ways, also to reach for my skirts more often. It’s also been warmer this month so I’ve been able to swap out boots and flats for my favorite sandals, and we all know what those are…my Sseko sandals!

This month, I also took an entire week to not get dressed. I felt guilty about it at first but then I realized it was kind of like a wardrobe vacation. I still went to work (from home), I the walked the dog, and I still did my weekly Zoom meetings but I didn’t really get dressed. I swapped out my PJ’s from the night before for clean sweatpants and a new shirt. Defiantly not a highlight of quarantine life, but it felt good to not get dressed for a few days. And when it was all over, I finally felt good and ready to get dressed agian. And I did.

Are you still working from home? I am mostly, I go into the church a few times a week with a few co-workers but can accomplish mostly everything from home. My biggest distractions are fluffy, furry, and usually hungry or looking for a warm place to nap. My goal is to get dressed 3 times a week; Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays are perfect for me.

Have you taken a wardrobe vacation this quarantine?

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