Wardrobe Care | Closet Organization 101

This is a first in a series on organization of your closet, dresser, and accessories. I also plan to be sharing how to care for, store, and wash the pieces you own. We’ll talk about folding, washing, polishing, and air-drying our clothes & accessories. So let’s start in our closets…

No matter how big or small your closet there are a number of ways to organize your space. But I’ve found a few ways to make my closet more accessible. I keep my dresses on a short rod in my closet and depending on the time of year, I usually have my dresses organized by sleeve length. In the winter, dresses are sorted by not worn yet and worn, so I can wear them all evenly through Dressember. Another option is to organize dresses by hem length or color. I find sorting by color is especially helpful if I am wanting to add something new to my closet.

I organize my tops by sleeve length. Sleeveless styles on the left and long sleeves on the right and pieces are organized from the shortest sleeve to obviously the longest. All my button-down long sleeve tops are together. After long sleeve tops, are vests and coats. Now here I have to admit, I don’t really have a system. I only keep my “stylish” coats/jackets in my closet. Coats that are for the sole purpose of keeping me warm, the rain off me, or to wear when walking the dog on cool mornings are kept in our hall closet.

I’ve also found when we care for our clothes better they last longer. One step to better caring for your clothes is to choose better hangers to put your clothes on. I prefer velvet hangers from Target or Amazon for my knits and wooden hangers for my coats, but I have a lot of old plastic hangers in my closet. Since much of my closet is knits, it’s important that they don’t stretch when on the hanger. I like how narrow these velvet hangers are so it feels like I can fit more pieces in my closet, I hate when I break plastic hangers because you just can’t fix it. I haven’t had one of these hangers break, leave a stretch mark in my clothes, or leave fuzz on my clothes. 

photo by Amber Motes Photography, Top from Elegantees & Necklace from Noonday Collection

Now, let’s talk about out of season pieces. I have a tub in my closet for pieces I won’t be wearing for some time. So I only recently took out my summer pieces; shorts and tank tops and put in my winter sweaters and tights. I also keep all my formal wear, aka 2 dresses, in my office closet along with my husband’s graduation gowns and his soccer jerseys.

Do you have a system for organizing your closet? I didn’t used to but the more I invested in my wardrobe I wanted to create a system for effectively organizing these pieces I loved. What’s the organization like in your closet?

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