Mindfulness | Father’s Day

Disclosure: If Father’s Day is triggering for you please take care of yourself while reading this, or if you choose not to read this. I understand. Also, this post contains affiliate links, when you shop through them I earn a small compensation (at no additional cost to you) through which I am able to support this website and my family.

Father’s Day is the 3rd Sunday in June, which always falls close to my wedding anniversary. In my family my dad is the one who likes to go and do things. Mom loves to be busy with projects, but dad likes to be on the move. During a recent visit to see me he said we don’t have to go do anything, and I immediatly planned for a few outings because while he says it with love, my dad doesn’t sit still well, and I inherited that.

My dad has always been one to encourage my crazy passions, from art to yearbook, and FFA and cheerleading my dad wanted us to be in a sport or some sort of physical activity but also saw that we had other passions. I drew and sketched and loved reading books, my sister can sing with the best of them. We did do physical activities well into High School until we both really settled on other things like FFA and yearbook for me and honor level choir for my sister. My dad was at every FFA Livestock show and Choir concert that he could be at, I don’t think either of these events were as normal or comfortable for him as say a soccer game would have been. Which by the way was the one sport he wanted us to play that neither of us into. Good thing I married a guy who he can talk soccer with!

I was really into Harry Potter in High School and as each book came out, he would go to the bookstore and buy it for me on release day. He understood my love of reading.

For as different as we are, my dad and I are a lot alike. I’m very much my father’s daughter.

Sseko Slim Wallet & Dark Roast Ugandan Together Coffee

Great Gift Ideas for my Dad include time together, we usually see each other twice a year once around the holidays and once in the spring. This year’s regular trip was delayed until nearly Memorial Day, and even before they arrived I was on pins and needles about them making the trip up. Other great gifts include some stellar Astro’s gear for my dad, he shared some stunning rainbow striped Astros shorts that hurt my eyes they were so bad, but he loved them. 

Another great gift idea for my dad would be some of our new Together Coffee, probably in the Ugandan Dark Roast, which I would have to grind for him and get him one of our Sseko He for She Wallets.

I always feel like buying for guys is 1000x harder than any woman in my life. So I keep it light and easy when picking out things for him,  knowing what he definitely does and doesn’t like is key. Celebrations defiantly look different in a pandemic. How are you celebrating dad?

2 thoughts on “Mindfulness | Father’s Day

  1. I great fathers day present is reading your blog every week, it helps me keep up with you while we are apart.
    Love you

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