Wardrobe Care | Leather Care

When I started investing in my wardrobe and in good accessories, that included some nice leather boots and bags. If I was investing in these pieces for my wardrobe then I also needed to invest in caring for them.

First, it’s important to start by removing excess dirt with a soft cloth or brush from your shoes or bag. I use a microfiber cloth, for this. If your item needs a more intense clean, then lather with saddle soap using a damp cloth. Wipe excess from your item and let dry.

Next, It’s recommended that you condition your leather pieces regularly. I tend to condition my leather shoes & bags in the spring and fall, as well as once a month in the winter when it is especially dry. After conditioning let dry thoroughly, do not use heat. You can stuff with newspaper to hold shape while air drying. Let bags and shoes dry for about 24 hours before using them again.

Before using your leather pieces, buff with your cloth one more time. If having polished leather is important to you now is the time to add a thin layer of polish using a horsehair brush in a circular motion. Air dry & buff. Need an extra shine? Repeat the polish steps.

When storing leather bags and shoes in your closet, it’s important to keep them in a breathable container away from light & dust. I keep my bags and shoes in cotton drawstring bags, leather is a natural material that needs to breathe so never store your leather bags or shoes in plastic as it can cause them to mold. Well-crafted leather bags usually come in a cotton bag, otherwise, you can find these online, or make them yourself.

For tall boots, insert boot shapers and store in a box or standing up. If you don’t have boot shapers you can use empty egg cartons. I leave my ankle boots in cotton bags on my shelves in the summer months. 

When was the last time you cleaned or conditioned your leather pieces? 

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