Wardrobe Care | Dresser Organization

Late last month, I finally got around to transitioning my wardrobe for the warmer months. I don’t own a ton of summer pieces, but I always find it refreshing to put my sweaters away and pull out my shorts and tank tops. Most of my wardrobe I can wear year round, so only a few pieces get stored when the weather changes. Which also meant it was time for me to pull out my winter pieces from my dresser.

When pulling out my warmer weather pieces, I started my taking everything out of my dresser. Yep. EVERYTHING. I also have a small dresser, this one was from my parents back in high school and is technically a child’s dresser. I do have a new dresser down in my garage that matches our bedroom set but just won’t fit in our room how it is currently arranged.

So, back to what I was saying. Take everything out of your dresser and sort items into piles of like things, and of course a donate pile. My top 2 drawers are lingerie, aka undergarments. The top drawer has dividers that I made from cardboard to seperate bras, undies, and socks. This time around, I decided to move my work out clothes from the dresser in my bedroom to the closet and gave myself another lingerie drawer for leggings, slips, and tights.

Then I put my favorite jeans in the next drawer. It’s important not to over fill your drawers you want leave room so nothing gets caught when opening or closing the drawer. After that I filled the next drawer with shorts, skirts and a few other cropped pants for the warmer weather. More seasonal pieces vs classic denim.

In the last drawer I put in my graphic tees and tank tops. In the winter months, I store my tank tops and put long sleeve tops in here.

I also have a small 3 drawer dresser in my closet which houses my work out pieces in the top drawer, and then the bottom 2 drawers store my cardigans. Which are always a good idea to have accessible year round, at least here in Colorado.

When moving pieces from my out of season tub to my dresser, I usually do a quick “does this still fit” test. I’ve been consistent with my weight for the last several years but I’d rather find out my shorts don’t fit when moving them out of the tub than on the first hot summer day of the year.

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