Mindfulness | My Apartment Homestead

I always dreamed of being a farmer. As a little girl, I loved animals & plants. I was an avid agriculture student in high school, raising rabbits and a lamb, participating on leadership teams and horticultural teams. I grew a garden, despite my overwhelming fear of bugs and dirt.

Today, my desire to be a farmer or at least have a homestead is stronger than ever. It’s easy to get bogged down by the fact that I live in an urban area in a second floor apartment. But that has stopped me from trying. And although I am no where near enough to being as self reliant as I’d like I believe the effort is well worth it.

Consuming Less
My husband and I have been in a budget crunch since basically coming back to call Colorado home. So, we’ve adapted, we buy less. Living in Colorado is a luxury by any standard, so I cut back on my wardrobe budget, opting for more secondhand pieces and learning to sew. Once it was warm enough I shifted my washing style to hand wash and air dry, it is so much more economical to air dry here, especially in warmer months. I love to hand wash small batches and air dry. Yes, sometimes things are a little on the stiff side after air dry but that seems like such a small inconvenience. If I could I would have a rope going end to end on our patio to air dry everything from sheets and towels, things I dare not air dry right now.

My love of dirt is incredible. After a tough day, I just go outside and tend to my container garden. Rotating my compost, pruning my plants, trimming, hanging, and drying my herbs. It’s therapeutic to say the least. I had my most successful herb garden last year, resulting in herbs that I used in cooking for much of the last 9 months. I am hoping for a greater yield this year & my first crop of cherry tomatoes.

There is always an opportunity to learn. I google why does my mint have yellow leaves, read about proper composting in a container, and is it okay that my cat just ate that. Learning to sew is my next step to becoming more self reliant. Learning to garden meant new ways to provide food & flavor to our family, learning to sew means new ways to repair our clothing and to create things we need.

Even if it feels like I am far from the homestead I want or even dreamed of as a child, I know the one I have is just what I need. Equal parts therapy and ongoing learning. Grateful for what I am learning and one day, I’ll have that homestead not just for myself but to share with others. 

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